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What Energy Do You Use On A Daily Basis?


We use our energy to produce a work, whether it is an object of art, a service that we render or anything that we can imagine in the professional and personal domains. This energy, this capital, we put it at the disposal of a cause or a project that goes beyond what we are.

The energy that animates us can be sometimes contaminated, sometimes elevated, respectively by interferences or spiritual practices. When we allow ourselves to be intoxicated by negative ideas, everything we produce can be stained by this trace. If we are not completely alert, we can in turn serve lower energies, as we have been drained of what could be our life force. Subsequently, we can make the wrong choices and end up serving projects that are not important to us or works that we previously despised. This is why it is more than essential to be aware of our own vibration. Of course, when we are intoxicated, we don’t even realize that we have changed. Knowing how to reconnect to higher energies, whether through benevolent friendships or simply through prayer, is life-saving.

We must also beware of false energies that are filled with pride. From the outside, they appear powerful, but in reality they only serve the lower entities that are the ego or vile desires. An elevated and magnetic thought manifests itself by its calm and serenity, like a hundred-year-old tree that is impassive to the wind, unlike the reed that is swayed by its passions.

When we manage to re-circulate love in our being, it drives out all the low frequency emotions such as envy, jealousy, anger or hatred. Knowing how to live in unison with the cosmos is a habit to which we must adhere if we want to be in tune with ourselves and not drift away or be dragged into the depths like a ball and chain attached to our ankle.

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