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You’ll Begin To Understand What Success Is When You Follow Your Own Path To Greatness

Success is what everyone strives for. We strive for status and recognition. In doing so, we emulate those we believe to be successful. But what if true success is about following your own path to greatness?

Before You Can Make Your Own Path, You Have To Follow The Path Of Others

We need to copy the people around us when we know nothing about life. That’s what babies do. The same goes for success: we need to blindly copy the path of others to begin our journey to success.

We Have To Try A Few Times To Find Out Who We Are

On our journey to success, we can learn a lot, especially from our mistakes. Life is the true master of success: you need to experience it often enough to know exactly which path suits you best.

Define Your Own Definition Of Greatness

Success is a general term that actually describes an intimate experience. Everyone on earth has their own definition of success, even if it differs slightly from person to person. You need to emancipate yourself from the crowd to be able to create your own definition of success. The younger we are, the more we are influenced by those around us to make choices based on their definition of success. When you’re older and a little braver, you can decide for yourself and live the life you really want to live.

Greatness Has Many Expressions

You have your own sensitivity, your own inclinations. You should choose to live according to them, as this will give you potentially higher probabilities of success. Know that you’ll be recreating yourself throughout your life, and you need to get used to the idea.

Explore And Deepen

Throughout your life, you’ll need to delve deeper and explore different subjects. Ideally, I’d recommend devoting 80% of your energy and time to deepening the areas you already know and 20% to exploring totally new subjects. Of course, when you’re young, you may need to devote more energy to discovery, but I think 20% is a good average throughout your life.

Deepening Is Another Way To Explore

We may think that deepening and exploring are two different concepts, but they’re not. When you go deeper in one area, you’re actually exploring another level of understanding. When people tell you to get out of your comfort zone, they often imply doing something different, something you’ve never tried before. That’s a good thing, but keep in mind that depth is its own exploration of discomfort.

Different Stages Of Depth

Often, you think that getting out of your comfort zone is simply a matter of running away from your current situation because it seems stuck. This may well be the case. However, you may be on a plateau and waiting to reach another level of depth in your field. Sometimes you should become more patient or get more clarity because changing one small thing can take you to another level that will involve exploring something outside your comfort zone.

You Have To Give Your Own Definition Of Greatness

We are shaped by the expectations of others and the need to belong. If you want to escape this pressure, you can live abroad for a while and soak up other people’s expectations. The more you travel, the more the expectations of others will be diluted and the more you’ll be freed from them, because you won’t be able to satisfy all these contradictory expectations at the same time. You don’t necessarily need to travel to be
emancipated, you can simply have friends from different groups / backgrounds / social upbringing, etc.

Be Aware Of Yourself

The goal of emancipation is to realize why you were born into this life. You have a unique destiny and if you try to please those around you or conform to normality, you won’t be able to realize your uniqueness.

Accepting Rejection

Since you’re destined for your own greatness, you need to get used to mockery, misunderstanding and criticism. People will do this because they may not understand your unique point of view. This can be a good sign that you’re on the right track, but don’t be contrarian if you just want to be contrarian. The fact that you’re a contrarian should be an unintended consequence of your path, not the other way around.

Treat Yourself

You’re the only person who stays with yourself all day, so you’d better enjoy your own company. Those who constantly try to please others risk betting on the wrong horse. In the long run, it’s better to be at peace with yourself than to be happy for circumstantial moments.

To Sum Up:

– Define your own sense of greatness
– First learn from others, then chart your own course.
– Think depth and exploration
– Depth can also be a source of exploration
– Indulge yourself first by following your own path to greatness

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