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Think Of Yourself As A Machine: The Power Of Rationality

The Secret Of Champions

What makes the difference between a champion and an athlete who is not is his heart, his soul. It is the 1% that leads to a difference of 1 cm at the finish of a race for example.

Acquire The 99% Of Athletes

What distinguishes an athlete from someone who is not is the considerable mass of effort accumulated over time. It is the tens of thousands of hours of training, the hundreds of outings with friends avoided, the thousands of chocolate ice creams not eaten and so many other deprivations. To be a champion, you have to be an athlete first and foremost, and that is already eliminating 99% of the population. The champion is the cream of the crop, the 1% of the 1%, the 0.01%.

You Are A Robot

A human being is closer to a machine than to the superior being that is often associated with him and that is embodied by a few exceptional figures: Gandhi, Buddha, Einstein or Leonardo da Vinci.
You are a robot because your body can be modelled in its functioning and your mind is also just as predictable. So, yes, robots don’t have consciousness (yet), but as long as our behavior is predictable, we are no different from robots. Because you are governed by the unstoppable and somewhat approximate laws of psychology, you should monitor your performance like a machine. You should actually use this news to your advantage. Since you are getting closer to the robot, you can improve your performance like a robot.

Artificial Intelligence Gets Good Through Repetition

The advantage that artificial intelligence has over humans is its ability to iterate. No human will be able to perform billions of calculations to improve its performance. That being said, humans can learn from repetition to treat their body and mind like a machine and achieve better performance.

Belonging To The 1%

Before you can optimize your results with extra soul or heart, as champions do, you must first become an athlete through your efforts. To belong to the 0.01%, you must already be in the 1% league. By athlete, I mean anyone who wants to excel in a field, it could be music, engineering, entrepreneurship or art. Being an athlete is a state of mind, it’s being in the 1% of any field. It’s having practiced enough to be able to dominate a significant portion of your competitors.

Is Your Brain A Friend Or An Enemy?

By definition, your limiting thoughts limit you. It is quite difficult to identify them: sorting the wheat from the chaff is not for everyone. You cannot become an athlete if your brain is blocked by one or more limiting thoughts.

What Is A Limiting Thought?

A limiting thought is one that limits your accomplishments by masking your true potential, especially with regard to your goals and dreams. It is the pebble in your shoe, the hole in the hull of your boat, the ball and chain on your leg, the mocking spirit in the background of your thoughts or the stalker from your childhood who pursued you even in your darkest nightmares. In a word, the limiting thought is a weight that you must get rid of at all costs.

How To Get Rid Of Your Limiting Thoughts?

The first step is to identify them. Removing the dark veil that hides reality is not an easy thing to do. Ideally, you need to identify the people who have achieved the goals you have reached and emulate their way of thinking, which necessarily implies shedding limiting thoughts.

Change Your Identity Through Action

Your identity is what dictates your actions. Conversely, if your actions can help change your identity. The challenge lies in changing your identity through challenges overcome on a daily basis: your actions will become your second nature.

The Identity

Identity is built over time by our environment and our reaction to it. It is in a way the trajectory of our future actions, which is why it is necessary to invest in it. Your identity has a leverage effect on your actions.

Our Actions

They are conditioned by our psychology and our identity. They will help you reshape who you are. To do this, you must act gradually because the actions, however small, if they accomplish in one direction, they can have a snowball effect.

What To Remember From This Article?

– Before you can become a champion, you must first be an athlete
– What differentiates a champion from an athlete is an extra soul and heart.
– What differentiates an athlete from a non-athlete is the amount of work he has accumulated
– Certain limiting thoughts prevent us from reaching our goals
– In order to change the trajectory of your life, you must invest in your identity

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