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A Trick To Instant Happiness


You’re going to die one day. It’s a reality you can’t ignore, even if everyone lives as if they were immortal. The soul is permanent, even if you grow old, your soul remains the same, it can only be tainted by your actions. Imagine now that you’re 95 years old. Most of your friends have passed away. Your parents, grandparents and siblings are long gone. Now imagine that you’ve been given the opportunity to reclaim your soul in your old body (the one you’re living in now). As your soul is permanent, you can easily perform this thought experiment. You can now imagine living in a young body with an old soul. Aren’t you grateful for that? You’re now living among the people who disappeared a few seconds ago. You can show them how much you love them. You can express your gratitude and simply be happy to be living among them again.


A Complementary Experience

In some situations, you may find it difficult to imagine yourself with a 95-year-old soul. What you can do is think of your own 95-year-old self and try to behave in a way that makes them proud of you. Reminding yourself of your own existence can be powerful. You may not want to disappoint him or her. What’s more, the more you think about your former self, the clearer your vision of what you’ll become, and so it will shape your actions in a positive way. In other words, you are your own father or mother. If, for whatever reason, you’ve lost touch with either of your parents, you can recreate that sense of pride and lineage by doing this thought experiment with yourself.


The Chance To Forget

We’re lucky enough to spend time with our loved ones, one day they’ll be gone. We’re lucky enough to share simple, joyful moments with family and friends, but we don’t realize how important this is. By doing this thought experiment, you can rediscover the simple joy of being a human being and find the gratitude you’re missing in your life.


What Are The Things People Regret On Their Deathbed?

You may be surprised, but on their deathbed, people rarely regret having earned more money or devoted more time to their career. Quite the opposite. Here are the most common pieces of advice people give on their deathbed:

1. Spend more time with loved ones
2. Don’t spend too much time at work
3. Follow your heart and pursue your passions
4. Be more grateful
5. Forgive others
6. Accept vulnerability
7. Find your purpose

Not surprisingly, this advice is more of a spiritual nature. When it comes to death, we want our souls to be at peace. We can simply forget the unnecessary things and stick to what matters most: our family, our kindness, the love we could have given to anyone.


Your Natural State Of Mind Is Happiness, You’ve Just Forgotten It

Have you noticed that toddlers or babies are naturally happy? They may cry from time to time, but their tendency is to find joy wherever they go. How come we’ve changed so radically as adults? Many rational reasons can explain it, but some should be acceptable, because we still deserve to live joyfully and carefree. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why babies are so happy.


Babies Are Ignorant

The first reason that could explain babies’ joy is that they don’t know the true nature of things. They don’t know that people can be mean and do evil things to them.


Babies Are Taken Care Of

The main reason adults are worried is that they have to look after their own survival and basic needs, unlike babies who are taken care of. Imagine not having to worry about the money you have to earn and all the daily chores. Wouldn’t that take a heavy burden off your shoulders? That’s exactly what happens to babies – they don’t have to think about the logistics of their lives, they can simply enjoy the moment, which is why they’re potentially so much happier.


Babies Come From Limbo

Another idea to explain why babies are so full of joy is that they come straight from limbo. They are touched by angels and therefore have divine grace within them.


Happiness Is The Absence Of Unhappiness

To become happy, all you have to do is eliminate unhappiness and misery from your life. Behind the dirt, there’s light: all you have to do is wash your windshield. To do this, you can work one day at a time to get rid of the things – and people – that don’t bring happiness into your life. You have to be an essentialist. Just do what matters most and eliminate the rest. Peace is the absence of problems, peace is happiness. You must seek peace to obtain happiness. Don’t chase happiness directly, you might confuse it with pleasure and excitement, seek peace and you’ll find it.


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