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Lying Is The Root Of All Vices

We underestimate the extent of lying in society, and how commonplace it is. Lying is unfortunately the rule in certain professions, and this bad habit contaminates every level of society, to the point of making it hellish.

Lying, An Original Sin

If lying is dangerous, it’s above all because it’s a harmless, easily accessible evil. But as we grow older, the adult world teaches us that there’s a grey area between truth and lies, and it becomes difficult to discern the clear contours of these two ideas. This makes it much easier to lie, sometimes without even realizing it.

Lying Lowers Our Level Of Awareness

You may have realized that when you lie, you lose energy – a part of you escapes. When you get into the habit of lying, you won’t feel this discharge because you’ve lowered your energy level and lying keeps you there. When you lie regularly, you weaken your aura, which cancels out the defenses protecting you against other ailments.

Lying Is The Gateway To Other Vices

Because lying lowers your energy, you’re weakened. Your weakness makes you more inclined to commit other sins. So a liar is more likely to be a crook or a thief. It’s like a domino effect, the first piece of which is often the lie.

The Banality Of EvilLying Brings Immediate Gain

Lies are everywhere: we’re inundated with misleading messages, starting with the advertising we’re constantly exposed to. By dint of this, we lose all notion of what is true and what is false. We no longer know exactly where the truth lies. This confusion reinforces our inclination to lie: since I can’t distinguish truth from falsehood, how can I be sure I’m not lying?

Lying brings immediate gain

There are, so to speak, two forms of lying: an unintentional lie, when we say something thinking it’s true, and a deliberate lie, which is the one that’s really serious.
Voluntary lying is tempting because it generally confers immediate gain. If we lie, it’s to avoid doing our duty, getting the job done or assuming the consequences of our actions. At first glance, then, lying is beneficial in the short term. However, it almost always has a more harmful counterpart in the long term. It’s our lack of temporal perspective – in other words, our ignorance – that makes us lie, whereas a wise person understands that it’s usually far more beneficial to tell the truth.

What Do We Generally Lose When We Lie?


The first thing you lose is your self-esteem. The image you have of yourself at an unconscious level, namely your honor, does not support bad deeds. When you lie, your honor goes down, and the more you lie, the more your face shows you’re a liar. On the other hand, your soul, which is your most subtle and noble dimension, disapproves of any bad action on your part. If you lie, your soul will make you feel it, because it will feel bad in your body, creating dissonance and therefore discomfort on your part.

People’s Trust

You can fool someone once, but you can’t usually fool them a second time. If you lie, you’ll acquire a bad reputation and this will have a direct impact on your relationships, which are above all based on the idea of trust. To create a bond with quality people, you yourself have to become or be a quality person. The problem is that when you get into the habit of lying, you’ll gradually surround yourself with people who have the same kind of faults as you do, i.e. the faults you tolerate. So it’s essential to become a good person if you don’t want to find yourself alone or badly accompanied.

The High Road

When you lie, you deviate from the great path, the one that leads you to a great destiny. There are no shortcuts to greatness; every trial is necessary to shape you in the best possible way. When you lie, you refuse to face the truth, you shy away from your greatness.

Your Spiritual Potential

As mentioned above, lying is a sin that prevents you from following the spiritual path, which is essentially linked to the search for truth. There is no possibility of spiritual evolution in lying. If you catch a spiritual or religious authority lying, stop listening to them right away, because they’re leading you down the wrong path.

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