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A New Social Order Is Emerging


A new social hierarchy has slowly imposed itself without us being able to stop it. It is based on information, as the earth was for medieval societies. Billions of human beings produce information through the use of their various devices such as telephones and laptops. In themselves, they are the new peasants. Their productions are captured by big tech companies that have become the new lords. Between these two groups, there are individuals who manage to make a living by serving these large companies with their skills (developer, data analyst, etc.) or by producing better quality information that could be assimilated to craftsmanship, that is to say a product that has undergone a transformation. In sum, this intermediary body represents the medieval artisans who enjoyed a status superior to that of the peasants, without however being the equal of the nobles.

Above the current nobles, there are those who theorize the collective narratives to which we all tend (free market, consumerism, atheism, etc.), I would tend to assimilate them to the States that play the role of counter-power (e.g.: the European Union sanctioning companies such as Google). I would even be tempted to say that today’s nobles (the big companies of Silicon Valley and elsewhere) are trying to take the place of what should be the equivalent of the clergy of the Ancien Régime. Examples of people trying to fill this role are B. Gates trying to promote philanthropic capitalism or other ideas. The values they promote are sometimes in direct conflict with the national taboos and narratives of the states where their platforms are located.

So, to be influential in this new order, we need to consider the forces at play and put them in perspective with our own strengths. If you have the soul of a creator, embrace this path, you will have an interesting place in this new hierarchy. If you like numbers, your natural talent will be able to elevate you in this company through technical jobs. If you have the soul of an entrepreneur, try to launch your start-up, but it will be complicated because many lords are already in place. If you have ideological talents, it will be difficult for you to propagate your ideas if they go against the order defended by the big tech companies. He who controls the platforms, controls the thoughts and finally can take himself for a religious leader. Thus, the current new order will concentrate more power in the hands of these new lords. The current secular clergy, i.e. the states, still exist, but for how long will they be able to keep their sovereignty in the face of the repeated assaults of these new companies.

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