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You Can Only Please Through Your Level Of Consciousness

The world is energy, and it is the sum of the particles that make it up. The plants and animals to which we belong are all things that add up to the energy of the cosmos. There are esoteric laws that find their place in the material world: energies of the same level tend to remain sandy, while those of different levels, when brought into contact, create instability or tend to separate if forced together.

Energy, The Basis Of Everything

If you want to attract certain people, you need to be on the same level as them energetically speaking. In short, there’s a spectrum made up of two extremes: chaos and harmony. If what you’re doing brings you closer to harmony, then you’re improving energetically. Conversely, if what you’re doing brings you more disorder, it means you’re going down energetically. Nature’s way, people with a high level of consciousness normally attract those just below them because they inspire them. However, people who are too far away energetically are repelled or indifferent.

Do The Energy Work Needed To Attract The Right People

A daily task that everyone should consider is to actively raise their energy level. The benefits of such work are numerous: improved well-being and clarity of mind

The Problem Of Toxic People

Toxic people are those who practice energy vampirism. They are unable to raise their own energy levels on their own, so they put others down energetically. That’s why we need to protect ourselves from them, at the risk of falling into their trap like a gnat caught in a spider’s web. There are signs that don’t deceive, and the more sensitive you are to energy, the better you’ll be able to foil enemy traps in advance. You’ll be able to sense people’s auras and read their intentions perfectly, even if they’re trying to hide what they really are.

The Aura, Your Unconscious Is Sensitive To It

You have a subtle body that is not visible at first glance to the uninitiated, i.e. the majority of people. However, although you can’t perceive the details of this body, your unconscious is sensitive to other people’s subtle bodies, what we might call aura. Your aura is an invisible emanation from your body that comes into contact with other people’s subtle bodies. Often, just by looking at a silhouette in the distance, you can perceive a dark veil or a veil of light. People can’t seriously hide who they are, because their aura says it all. You don’t need to have followed an initiatory teaching from beginning to end to develop this acuity; you simply need to engage in purification practices and cultivate harmony in your life. When you’re living in harmony, you need to be sensitive to changes in that harmony by a third party, and that’s when you can easily spot people who aren’t vibrating in unison with you. Without having worked on purification, your unconscious is sensitive to the energy released by others, and may be at ease (good energy) or uncomfortable (bad energy). To improve your level of well-being, simply work on maintaining close ties only with people who give off good energy, if you can.

Emotions Are Manifestations Of Your Level Of Consciousness

There’s one very concrete thing we experience every day, and that’s our emotions. Each emotion bears witness to the vibration of our soul, i.e. the quality of consciousness that animates it. In a previous article, I mentioned the classification of emotions according to their level of consciousness, based on the book Power vs Force, of which here is a new summary:

If you can raise your consciousness, you’ll be able to feel high-intensity emotions like peace, love or joy, and you’ll approach the world with better discernment.

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