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Pay Attention To Your Work So You Don’t Lose Your Soul

Your work can be the site of your spiritual progress or decline.

Put In Or Lose Your Soul

Some jobs require you to put your soul aside. In doing so, we become disconnected from our source. When our mind acts against what our soul tells us, we create a division within ourselves.

The Devil Hides In Division

The word “devil” comes from the Latin “diabolus”, itself derived from the Byzantine Greek διάβολος, “diabolos” meaning “who disunites”. When we introduce division into ourselves, we allow the devil to interfere, which is why our soul can – literally – drift away from us.

Your Work Doesn’t Try To Make You Happy

The world of work isn’t there to make you happy. It’s an offshoot of the division of labor and industrialization. If there has been any recent concern about your happiness, it’s primarily because it’s a source of productivity for companies. Don’t expect the company that employs you to actively seek your happiness. It’s up to you to find your own happiness.

Today’s Economic Transition

We’re living in a period of real economic transition. The world is going to absorb all the innovations coming out of advances in artificial intelligence, and a lot of people will be left behind. This is unfortunate, but it’s also an opportunity to reinvent yourself and create a job that coincides with your aspirations and what the world needs.

There Are Toxic Professions

Some jobs are in direct opposition to your values. You need to get away from them. You may need to feed your children, but they also need to be fed spiritually. If you think only of your material survival, you’ll sink morally and you’ll take your loved ones with you. There’s always a way to find something that guarantees you a dignified life and a decent wage, sometimes you just have to be patient and more persistent.

Protecting The Next 10 Generations Ecologically

You could be the matriarch or patriarch of your family. Your portrait could solemnly adorn the mantelpiece of your descendants for the next 10 generations. Why is there less desire to pass into family posterity?

What Good Will It Do To Protect The Next 10 Generations Of Your Family?

It’s a wish that seems illusory (so difficult) and vain at the same time. How do you protect your offspring? The first thing you need to think about is how to raise yourself, and then dedicate your life to helping others.

Raise Yourself

Every soul that elevates itself, elevates the world. Gandhi

There are many ways to elevate yourself. You can rise socially, intellectually, morally or spiritually. Any uplifting work you produce in one area will have a trickle-down effect on the other members of your family. So it’s futile most of the time to try to reform others. It’s far more effective to concentrate on yourself, making an internal effort to improve one or more aspects of your life.

If You Want To Have Power Over People, You Have To Serve Them.

There’s this idea that you gain power over others by being authoritarian and assertive. This is not the case. By being despotic, you simply consume the capital of sympathy you’ve built up with your colleagues to the point of exasperation or even resentment. There’s a more effective way of increasing your influence on those around you: simply make yourself as useful, if not indispensable, as possible.

One Thing Is Clear

Every civilization in history has collapsed as a result of its own weaknesses. Of course, invasions or enemy conquests have sometimes accelerated this process, but these were only made possible by the imperfections that already existed. The question we need to ask ourselves is: Have we reached the limits of our civilizational development? Are we digging our own grave as a human civilization? Our model of progress goes hand in hand with the destruction of the ecosystem. Shouldn’t we reconsider our definition of progress?

Be The Architect Of Civilizational Renewal

We can be the protagonists of future generations. We have two choices: either we continue to play by the current rules of the game, which are harmful to ecosystems, or we learn to live in a different way, even if it means looking like an outsider or a madman. Time is running out, and we are already beginning to see the consequences of the industrial activity of the last two hundred years.

You’re Going To Feel The Reproaches Of Your Children

Children are by nature reproachful. In their eyes, from adolescence to late adulthood, children tend to blame their parents for their failures. What happens now if the planet becomes unliveable, and you have done nothing remotely to change it through your habits or behavior? Well, it’s a safe bet that your children will blame you, and that your relationships will deteriorate if you don’t decide to do something about it.

Getting Rid Of Guilt

Guilt can be a good counsellor in the sense that it can push us to take action and do things that are different from what we’re used to doing. The desire (triggered by an underlying guilt) not to sacrifice the well-being of future generations can undoubtedly be the driving force behind our civilizational change, provided this awareness reaches a critical mass and is made in time.

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