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Your energy should be your main concern

It is a word that may seem esoteric and even magical: energy is however what characterizes us most in our intimate dimension.

We have all studied energy in physics, we know how important it is for the movement of bodies or its role in the creation of heat. Nevertheless, the energy that influences us the most is our vibratory level, our thoughts, the ideas that animate us and that we project.

Energy as the motor of existence

We act driven by a force, an impulse that some people simply call “life”. Each individual is characterized by an energy which leads him to have such or such result.
Beyond the initial energy that we all have, there are our habits that condition our daily energy level: Eat + Sleep + Exercise

Optimal energy is achieved by maintaining a good balance in our daily cocktail, which consists of how we eat (healthy in this case), get enough sleep and exercise.

Being aware of our energy level

Beyond the physiological consideration, there is a primordial dimension that concerns our emotions. Our emotions are nothing more or less than the translation of our energetic state. Each emotion codes for a certain energy level. The drawing explains the energetic scale and its translation on the emotional level.


When you feel guilt, you are at relatively low energy levels. Conversely, if you are in an emotional state of courage or serenity, you are quite high energetically and therefore you can feel satisfied, you have a good job.

Why take care of your energy?

The law of attraction applies directly to the energy level. A high energy will tend to associate with elements of the same energy if it wants to maintain itself at such a level. If, for example, succeeding in an important contest is equivalent to being and providing a lot of energy, one will have to be in a high energy state to achieve this project. Important achievements involve a high level of energy. If you put two different energies together, a phenomenon of osmosis (a mixture between low and high energy) will occur leading to a state of equilibrium that may prove unsatisfactory.

In concrete terms, what is the purpose of energy?

Good energy creates a positive spiral according to the principle of the law of attraction. If you want to make an important decision, it is necessary to put yourself in a high energetic state so that you create a positive chain leading to a favorable outcome. Conversely, when you are in a low energy state, it is best to refrain from making big decisions. Have you ever regretted words spoken in anger?

How to improve your energy?

Here are three tips that will help you raise your energy body. You may decide to implement these recommendations one after the other if you feel it is more effective for you.

Your energy is in what you eat

According to the Hindu tradition, there are 3 types of food: tamasic, rajasic and sattvic

All foods can be classified into one of these categories. Tamasic food for indolence, ignorance while rajasic food increases desire and satvic food leads to more harmony.

To increase your energy level, simply increase your intake of sattvic food and decrease other types of food as much as possible. Here are some examples of products according to their category. It is up to you to do more research to find out more.

Tamasic products: alcohol, fermented products
Rajasic products: coffee and peppers
Sattvic products: fresh vegetables and fruits

You are the result of your habits

Your energy level is the result of your daily habits. Identify good habits (such as meditation) and incorporate these new habits one by one so that you create new habits.
Condition your brain

Listen to positive affirmations and then repeat them.

Everyday life is full of negative news that contaminates our minds. The real challenge is to get as far away from that kind of news as possible, while reconditioning your brain to vibrate in unison with positive thoughts. This is proactive work. Think of your mind as a garden, if you do nothing, weeds will grow naturally, but if you take care of it, beautiful trees and flowers will bloom.

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