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If You Want To Prosper, You Have To Stack The Skills

In the new era – what we call the digital or information economy – you need to leverage your uniqueness. This means creating valuable content to improve the lives of others. We are slowly but surely moving out of the industrialization paradigm. As individuals, we are no longer a cog in the wheel, we have to become irreplaceable. In fact, you can still be a cog, but if you do, you simply risk losing your job in the long run.

To become irreplaceable, you need to be excellent at what you’re passionate about, and acquire additional skills so you can transfer that knowledge to an audience you’ve created.

What Makes You Unique Is, In Fact, Your Aspirations In Life

What differs from person to person is the unique combination of desires. One way of looking at what makes us unique is to see ourselves simply as a sum of desires and aspirations. We don’t want to follow the same path. Your journey to self-realization is interesting because it can become a source of inspiration for others. You may not have the same desires as your future followers, but the way you achieved greatness is in some way universal. Your success story can serve as material for others to design their own path to success.

What Is Skill Stacking?

To turn your personal achievement into a livelihood, you’ll need to find people, communicate your message and your value in exchange for value (money, network, etc.). You’ll need to attract people with your unique value and create products or services that can monetize your self-realization. In other words, you’ll need to be a guide in some aspect of their lives.

Universities Are Far Behind

The work of the near and long-term future cannot be massively taught in universities. You have to find your own path to the digital renaissance. You can follow one or more masters in their field to accumulate skills and put the odds in your favor.

You’re Playing A Different Game

Until now, we’ve played a limited game, a game for survival, a game to feed our families or buy goods. Today, the future of work can be totally different, we can simply aim for self-realization, which means it’s a game without end. The aim of this game is not to win, but to keep on playing until we die. Self-realization never stops. Of course, we won’t all change at the same time. As with the Industrial Age, some countries led the revolution and others followed later. This will be a little different because it won’t be the countries that lead the change, but each individual will be his or her own country and will be able to influence the rest of the world’s (internet-connected) population to do the same.

It’s Better To Change Now To Start Living The Life Of Your Dreams Sooner Than You Had Planned

You may have the choice of continuing to have a secure job and a normal life and waiting until retirement to start living as you should or could now. Nevertheless, by doing so, you’ll be mortgaging or at least postponing your opportunity for progress. Why do so many people want to retire to do what they really want to do? Does it make sense to trade the best 40 years of your life for the last 30 (and often less) years of your life to realize your deepest aspirations? There’s a cumulative effect in personal development. Being a better person at 30 will have such an effect on your future that the sacrifices are worth it. There’s a cumulative effect when it comes to money, and there’s a financial shortfall in following your intuition, but no amount of money can replace the wisdom you’ve accumulated at a young age.

Set An Example For Your Family

The world is changing and so are you. Why not initiate change and become the figurehead of a new, inescapable way of life. Your family can learn from your mistakes and the pearls of knowledge you’ve picked up along the way. By deciding to take action based on what makes you unique, you’ll pave the way for understanding and helping the next generation. Every family needs heroes, so why not make a courageous choice that can help you set off on the road to self-realization.

Retirement Will Be An Obsolete Concept

If you’re doing what you came here to do, why stop at all? Retirement assumes that you’re sacrificing part of your life. If you’re doing what you’re meant to do, you won’t feel the need to retire. Maybe you’ll work less, but you certainly won’t stop altogether.

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