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Summary of Hear Yourself: how to find peace in a noisy world by Prem Rawat

Résumé de comment trouver la paix dans un monde bruyant de Prem Rawat

You don’t have to go to the top of a mountain to enjoy peace and serenity. To find peace, we must first mute the noise in our minds.   Technology   It will not have escaped your attention that technology is the main cause of distraction in our lives. It brings us comfort but it does not come without a…


The Industrial Revolution was not born in England, it was born a thousand years earlier in China

What is the Industrial Revolution if not a paradigm shift in the relationship to work? Before the Industrial Revolution, workers were experts in their field. They mastered a set of skills that allowed them to produce an object or perform a relatively complex action. Thus, a knight could hardly improvise himself as a farmer and vice versa. If it is…