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The Power Of The Mantra

A mantra is a word or phrase that is repeated, originally from Hindu tradition, to develop one’s spiritual abilities. The mantra directs, or at least channels, your energy in a direction to overcome lower energy levels or blockages. How can you use mantras to your advantage?

You Don’t Have To Be Hindu To Have A Mantra

The mantra is a simple and powerful way to give direction to your life. You can simply use a word or phrase in your native language to inspire you, such as “courage.” When you say this word, you should feel a change in vibration within you, which most often propels you to action. By using a mantra that could be described as secular, you can accelerate your change and create a positive dynamic.

The Necessity Of Using A Mantra

Your environment influences you. The people you interact with daily can slow you down or speed you up. When you are with slow or unambitious people, you can become slow and unambitious in turn. What does this mean? It means that you need to create barriers between you and the outside world to protect yourself from their influence, otherwise, you risk becoming like them. For example, you can distance yourself. If this is not possible, you need to create an aura, a mental conditioning that prevents you from becoming like them, and this is where mantras come into play.

The Mantra Is Good For You

If you choose well, you will see immediate progress. For example, you will reach your goals more quickly or be in a state of well-being more frequently. The mantra channels your energy potential and therefore prevents you from scattering. The main problem is not a lack of energy but rather the misallocation of your energetic capital. The mantra can be used in all daily life situations to help you meet challenges.

Use Multiple Mantras

It is important to be sensitive to the energy that animates you when you use a mantra. Each mantra is appropriate in a given number of situations. You are not likely to use the same mantra when you are working, for example, as when you are putting your children to bed.

Give It A Try

The mantra costs nothing, it is invisible, and you can experiment with it without anyone knowing. That’s why try today to find a mantra that takes you in a certain direction and try repeating it for several hours to measure its effects. If you don’t like the result, change the mantra until you find the one that suits you best. In any case, the mantra should act on you almost instantly, so it is pointless to insist or dwell on it if you see no change.

The Mantra Guides You

Given that the mantra projects you into a certain dimension, it is wise to choose it well. The mantra only elevates and accentuates an energy already present in you. If you lack inspiration, here are some examples among which you can choose your mantra:

  • Love
  • I give the best of myself
  • Whatever happens, I move forward with an open heart
  • Energy
  • Strength and honor
  • Courage and will
  • I do my best all the time
  • etc.

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