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What Clarity Habits Do You Have On A Daily Basis?


Living without distraction is a challenge. Today, more than ever, our attention is required for things that are sometimes trivial, sometimes disturbing. Working or simply living without distraction is a skill that is being honed. Given that everything is done to distract us (telephones, advertising of all kinds, etc.), it is more than necessary to rewire our brain so that it is less sensitive to this type of solicitation and so that it does not fall into the trap of poor quality information.

Attention for information is like a mouth for food. If you are disciplined, your attention will be focused on information that is valuable and good for your mind, like a mouth that avoids eating junk food.
To achieve this discipline, you must go on an information diet in the same way that you would go on a diet. Detoxing implies distancing oneself from what is harmful to us. The old addiction must be destroyed so that a new, healthier one can take hold.

During this period of distancing, you will gradually install better habits that will allow you to have more clarity in your daily life by being in control, active and no longer subjected to your environment. These new habits can take many forms. Some may be trivial, such as deliberately choosing to eat without distraction, in a quiet place and without screens within reach or visible. They can be new actions like deciding to go for a walk or a run with nothing but a notebook and a pen if you have things to write down that come to mind. It can be a more radical habit like meditating every morning if it’s something new to everything. So, you need to take back the reins of your life and that starts with attention spent sparingly and mindfully.

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