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Intuition, Your Advantage Over Machines

Machines will replace us, that’s for sure, but there is one thing that will be hard to replace. You see, machines are either large disembodied brains capable of processing millions of pieces of information per second or robots with surprising mobility. There is a kind of specialization and a machine has not been found that can recreate the cognitive benefits of having a physical body.

Your Belly Is Your Second Brain

Your gut unknowingly collects billions of pieces of information that are sent to it from different parts of your body. It then transmits it to the brain through what is called intuition.

But What To Do With This Information?

Man is an embodied being, the result of millions of years of evolution. As such, his body is adapted to move in natural spaces. He is perfectly conceived to live on earth but if the essential of this knowledge is buried in his unconscious since the man lives mainly in urban environment. The machines are on the contrary the fruit of a very recent research, they are adapted to the urban environment and the life materialized in computer servers.

Man Has An Environmentalist Advantage

Since the machine is the product of an artificial environment, it is ill adapted to evolve in a natural environment. It works in an accounting way. It cannot feel things. It is true that computer prowess is constantly becoming more and more amazing, but these developments have their limits and it is likely that man will be able to capture subtle elements, which machines cannot yet do.

Can We Live From Our Intuition?

If it is wealth that you are looking for, intuition alone will not be enough in this quest. On the other hand, if you are looking for a stable job that will not be disrupted by artificial intelligence, it is necessary to take intuition into account.

Essentially two things will work in your favor: the need for human or environmental interaction and creativity. Technology shows a certain level of creativity but it is still clumsy to physically interact with humans and the environment. Here is a list of examples of occupations that will be more resilient to the wave of replacement caused by new technologies:

– Natural area preservationist
– Permaculture farmer
– Energizer
– Teacher and coach (developing students’ confidence)
– Martial arts teacher
– Music teacher
– Spiritual guide

Now, it is also important to develop your intuition, otherwise what I have said will be of little use to you.

How To Understand Intuition?

First approach: Intuition can be defined as the conclusion of an unconscious reflection. Your brain is constantly working. It picks up scattered elements and tries to find meaning and coherence in the face of apparent disharmony. It then provides you with an answer to a question without having presented you with the rational thread of its thought.

Second approach: Intuition could also be defined as the pure and simple expression of your belly (your second brain) after it gathers a certain amount of information.

According to the first or the second definition, it is necessary to provide a certain amount of “data” to your brain and belly which would function as a kind of artificial intelligence whose algorithm would not be known. How to provide this data?

Data is the result of experience: the more you confront a situation, the more expertise you acquire. Your brain can pick up data by reading, repeating social situations, physical contact with nature, etc. Your second brain develops through interaction with the body. This is why physical exercise such as dancing can be an interesting way to learn to develop your intuition.

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