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4 Types Of People

This idea comes from the Valuetainement channel

There are 4 types of people, if we can sum them up like this. 2 types are to be avoided, 2 types are to be sought. And we can be turn to any of these 4 types.

The Subtractors

They take up your time, energy, motivation or attention. They exhaust you. They are a burden rather than a blessing in your life. They drain your joy capital here and there and give you nothing in return except a sense of shame or guilt sometimes. In an energetic sense, they are commonly called energy thieves (or energy vampires). Of course, they should be avoided. The problem is that in some cases it is difficult to do this because you go to the same school or they are your office colleagues. In this case, the most important thing is to limit the interaction as much as possible. The most important thing is to identify them as soon as possible so that they don’t infiltrate your circle of friends or worse, become your boyfriend or husband! In such a case, you are shooting yourself in the foot and it will be even more difficult to get out of such a relationship. So beware!

The Dividers

They sow discord. They are much more harmful subtractors. They separate you from your friends, cause you to miss opportunities and rob you of your power. They can be evil people who want to break people for the rest of their lives. An abusive parent, a castrating boss can also have this divisive role. Sometimes they can simply be that person who makes you miss the opportunity of a lifetime because they sow doubt in your heart and mind. They are probably secretly jealous of you so they are working against you. Remember the etymological meaning of the word devil: Latin: diabolus, from the Greek διάβολος / diábolos, from the verb διαβάλλω / diabállô, meaning “one who divides” or “one who disunites” or “deceiver, slandererer”. The devil is the devil because he divides people (and in a religious sense, separates them from god). So beware of anyone who puts you in a situation where they alienate you from your loved ones, from the projects you care about, or who nips in the bud your hopes for a better tomorrow. Protect yourself from these killjoys!

The Adders

Let’s move on to the positive, the people you should surround yourself with, the ones you should also try to be like.

These people literally add to our lives. They share good ideas with you. They motivate you, love you or respect you. They share with you the name of a book that has marked them. They lend you their house for a vacation, they help you when you break down on the road. In short, they have a good attitude and are a valuable part of an entourage or organization.

The Multipliers

They represent transitional encounters. A multiplier can single-handedly change your life to another level. In your life, multipliers can be counted on the fingers of one hand. To another extent, they are the people who will leverage one aspect of your life. While adders will add points in one area (e.g., if you’re into bodybuilding, they’ll give you a tip that will help you gain 10 pounds of muscle), multipliers take you into another league and often change your paradigms (e.g., to use the bodybuilding analogy, they’ll help you double your muscle mass).

The 4 Types Of People Can Also Be Objects

Think about it, your cell phone can be a subtractor. It takes up your attention and keeps you awake at times. Similarly, it can change your life by itself. So don’t limit this thinking to just people.

Keep Bad People Out Of Your Life

If you want to be happy and successful, you must get rid of the dividers and subtractors at all costs. Let’s use the investment metaphor to better understand this idea. Imagine you have a portfolio of 5 stocks: 4 adders and one divider. The 4 perform on average at +20% but the last one is negative at -80%. Imagine that you have put the same amount of money into each of these stocks, say 100€. So you have (4 x 0.2 x 100 – 100 x 0.8 = 0). Your good investments are cancelled out by one very bad investment. You must therefore stop the bleeding at all costs and get rid of the 5th share as soon as possible. It will ruin your life. It is often much better in life to get rid of negative things than to try to increase things that are positive.

One Last Thing …

Remember that if you want to surround yourself with positive people, you must become such a person yourself. You must actively work to become someone who fits into one of these positive categories. You cannot hope to surround yourself with good people if you are not on the same level. It’s the law of reciprocity, you can’t escape it!

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