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Don’t Force, Don’t Beg, Don’t Chase

Humanity is at its best in the pure expression of its generosity. Don’t try to use coercion to make things happen. You must learn to let things go and learn from the depths of your soul.

Wu Wei Is The Way

You shouldn’t care what people think of you. You should care about what you think of yourself and how deep that knowledge is. Wei wu implies the idea of “non-action”, but that’s not exactly what it is. Rather, it’s about expressing yourself through pure spontaneity and going with the flow of your own self as the elements dictate. This means that your behavior is a sincere expression of what’s inside you, without facade, artifice or force. Wu wei is about being strong by simply recognizing who you are.

Don’t Force

Civilizations are built by force. Individuality develops through power, which means self-awareness and depth. We become strong by subjugating others and powerful by subjugating ourselves. When we force things, we show a lack of understanding and subtlety. Forcing implies using your will to get what you want. If you use force, it means you haven’t yet found a better way of doing things, it means your progress is stagnating. Now imagine paddling, which is a noble sport because of the strength, endurance and perseverance it requires. If we had relied solely on our muscles to navigate, we would never have crossed the oceans in a boat. It took a form of Wu wei to create sailboats. By abandoning pure strength, we were able to access another level of power and creativity that enhanced our capabilities.

Don’t Beg

You must approach the world with a generous frame of mind. Nothing is more repulsive than someone who interacts with a mindset of scarcity. Remember, you’re rich, you have all the riches inside you, but you haven’t dug deep enough to find them. So, instead of going looking for these treasures in others, go looking for your own treasures first. By doing so, you’ll turn yourself into a magnet, but you have to make it work first, otherwise you’ll end up being unwelcome wherever you go.

Don’t Chase

The gold is in you, as I just said. The only quest worth undertaking is the divine quest. In all our quests, there’s an underlying, unconscious quest: the spiritual quest or the quest for God, call it what you will. When you’re looking for a partner, you’re actually trying to find fulfillment through the complementarity of the other sex. The quest for love and respect is a hidden quest for God and eternity.

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