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The Cathedral Builder Mentality

There are works that last 100 years and others that last 1000 years. This may be what differentiates modernity from tradition. This unique relationship with time, especially with long-term time, exposes the vanity of contemporary times. Whereas 4000 years ago, people took the time to think and build the pyramids of Egypt, today we live frantically to construct things that will perish before us.

The paradox of time

It is strangely when we rush that we build the least durable things. Name me a contemporary building that will have a longer lifespan than Notre Dame Cathedral or the Cathedral of Prague? Probably none. One simple reason for this is that both cathedrals took nearly 200 and 600 years respectively to be built.

What is built in haste will perish prematurely

How many things – whether physical or conceptual – nowadays are made to exist for eternity? The actions you take daily, the projects you work on, how much of what you dedicate yourself to has a taste of eternity? Probably few things. And the reason for all of this is that we do everything thoughtlessly and hastily.

The ingredient that makes the difference

The difference between a cathedral and a tower in a business district is the time invested before and during construction. Time produces time. If you want something to last, you must put intention, intelligence, and heart into it over a long period of time.

This principle applies to everything

If you want the things you build to last, you must dedicate time to them ethereally (everything that is not physical like thoughts, emotions, etc.). Involution creates evolution. If you want a relationship to last and flourish, you must think about it, dedicate time to it, take care of it, etc. If you want your child to work for the improvement or preservation of the world, you must love them, cover them, and dedicate time to their development.

Applying this mentality in relationships

A relationship can be likened to the erection of a cathedral. For it to take the form of an architectural masterpiece, the relationship must have solid foundations. This means that it must be based on clear and reciprocal values. Then, both people in the relationship must work diligently, like stonecutters, to neglect no detail but also like architects. There are two points of view not to be left to chance: the daily and the long term. The daily represents the small actions carried out with the idea of ​​doing well like the stonecutter. Then there is the reflection of the architect who has within him the vision of the final masterpiece. Neither of these two approaches should be neglected. If there is only the architect, the relationship will be suffering daily. If there is only the stonecutter, the relationship will not go in a clearly defined direction and in the end, the couple will feel adrift or wasting time.

Training to acquire the cathedral builder mentality

You do not acquire a builder mentality overnight. This requires training that can be as mundane as learning to play a musical instrument or speaking a new language.

To develop the cathedral builder mentality, you must both learn the taste of effort and well-done work (stonecutter mentality) while cultivating a visionary and strategic mindset (architect mentality).

Developing the stonecutter mentality

To develop the stonecutter mentality, you must become more meticulous, hardworking, and disciplined. The best way to develop these traits is to practice endurance sports (cycling, running, etc.), learn to play a musical instrument (piano, violin, etc.), or another difficult-to-develop art (dance, calligraphy, foreign language, etc.).

Developing the architect mentality

To develop a strategist mindset, you must get into the habit of reading and writing, which involves assimilating new concepts and internalizing them. Listening to interviews of inspiring individuals who have achieved what you aspire to can also help.”

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