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 Thinkers Exist For Doers To Make

The age of thinkers

Before there can be evolution, there must be involution. Everything that takes shape in matter has first taken shape in the etheric, invisible world. If you want to find material peace, you have to build it in your mind and heart first. The world we know is only a reflection of the inner world of our predecessors.

The Underestimated Importance Of Thoughts

Thinkers are at the forefront of the world. They conceptualize the world to come. Through their ideas and concepts, they pave the way for doers.

Today, doers are glorified, but they had to get help from thinkers first.

We love leaders, people of action, without knowing that thought precedes action. When you watch a person achieve great things, they must have achieved them first in their mind, and it’s not uncommon for them to have found their achievements in the books that were more than the spark for their projects.

Thinkers Of Light And Darkness

Just as there are people who are dark in their realizations, so there are people before them who have created ideas of darkness in the world. Apocalyptic theorists are in fact the promoters of an apocalyptic world. All those who work to darken people’s hearts and minds are the first to blame for the injustices perpetrated here on earth. Conversely, those who create light through the ideas they propagate are the architects of a better world.

Choose The Light

Let light into your head and heart every day. If you don’t, it will be like a gardener who neglects his lawn: the weeds will grow by themselves. If you don’t seek or produce light every day, darkness will find you. Light comes in many forms. It can be the kindness we cultivate, the humility or generosity we practice.

Protect Yourself From Light Thieves

We can be lavish with our light, but it’s important to identify light thieves. You see, your light works a bit like a reservoir that runs out. If you’re not careful, you’ll lose your precious divine particles, stolen by people with bad intentions. Know how to recharge your light so you never run out.

Recreate The Garden Of Eden In Your Being

Your body vibrates, and your aura bears witness to this. Everything you do is impregnated with your aura, so that you project your energy without realizing it. When you speak, your words are imbued with your aura, and they soak the ears of those who hear them. That’s why it’s so important to pay attention to your level of consciousness: you can influence people positively or negatively. So, your mission is to recreate an inner Garden of Eden that will spread peace around you, by your very presence.

Through Your Ideas, You Are Constantly Creating Or Destroying

To elevate your thoughts, you need to expose yourself to pure ideas every day: quotations from enlightened masters, lectures by sages, spiritual or philosophical books. The more you expose yourself to pure thoughts, the more they will permeate you and the more they can become second nature. Essentially, your thoughts should be like flowers that you send to the people on your path. People pick up on the tiniest particles of kindness, even the least enlightened (they do it unconsciously), and you have a positive influence on them. You don’t even need to speak, just your presence is enough to make people feel good. On the contrary, when you’re dull or morose, it’s as if you were sending invisible missiles to destroy people’s aura. In these conditions, it’s best to do a minimum of auric cleansing so as not to pollute the auras of other people who cross your path.

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