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Eliminate Distraction To Hear The Silent Cries Of Your Soul

Your soul makes sounds, little cries all the time, especially when you act against what it deeply desires.

Listen To Its Voice

The soul is your purest dimension. It is what gives depth to who you are. Some will call it consciousness. It speaks to you all the time.

People Without Soul

The soul being your most subtle dimension, it is also sensitive to what you do. If you act too long in ways that are contrary to what it wants, it will eventually leave.


Soulless people are the living dead in a way. Their darkness makes them harmful to those around them and to the world. They have lost their connection to God so they try to devour people’s energy like zombies devour human flesh.

Do Not Stray From The Path

To make sure you don’t get off track, you have to spend time alone. It is by being alone that you become aware of what your soul is telling you. It is by being alone that you will come to know your soul and become friends with it.

From Zombie To Alive

The soul can find you if you are worthy. If you have done too much wrong and your soul has left you, you must do a lot of work to get closer to God and have your soul come back to you. If you are sincere in your approach, God will help you reconnect with it.

The Container And The Content

The soul is a content and your body is a container. A great wine is consumed in a clean glass. It is the same for the soul, it needs to be in tune with the actions performed by the body and mind otherwise it gets dirty and eventually leaves.

This brings us to a reflection on the concept of the dark triad of the personality

There is a light and dark side to man. The question is which side do we express more. Today’s society has a hard time containing our dark tendencies, the first of which is narcissism, which proliferates with the help of social media.

The Container And The Content

Psychopathy: The Propensity To Be Cynical And Insensitive

Unfortunately, nastiness is becoming something we’ve grown too accustomed to. Is it reading or seeing negative information that makes us insensitive and turns us into evil people? Or is it conformity that makes us refuse to see or act towards our fellow man?

Narcissism: The Tendency To Give Oneself An Excessive Importance

Narcissism is a contemporary evil that affects an entire segment of the population. It consists in maintaining an inordinate admiration for oneself. The problem is that in doing so, one conveys contempt and neglect for others.

Machiavellianism: The Penchant For Exploitation And Deception

To exploit someone is to reduce him to his only productive capacity. It is to alienate him, to deny his humanity in a desire for power. In doing so, we cut ourselves off from the rest of the world.

Our free will allows us to act according to our light side or our dark side at any time. Let’s look at the elements that make up a healthy personality grouped around the term “luminous triad”.

Kantianism: The Tendency To Treat People As Ends And Not Means

This quality is opposed to Machiavellianism

The main problem with relationships is the alienation they cause. People try to transform us because they are using us for their happiness. A healthy relationship is about loving the person for who they are, not for what they give us. We are not objects of pleasure or stepping stones to satisfy the ambition of others. For this reason, this quality is the first one that allows us to reconnect with a certain benevolence towards others.

Faith In Humanity: Inclination To Believe In The Fundamental Goodness Of Human Beings

This quality is opposed to psychopathy

If you believe that people are good, you will reinforce their goodness by your words, gestures or looks. When you believe in the goodness of people, it is easier to establish a healthy relationship with them. Of course, not all people are healthy, as we have seen, some have dark personalities that must be avoided at all costs if not fought. It is good to have faith in humanity, but this does not take away our need for discernment and not to fall into the trap of naivety at the risk of suffering the consequences.

Humanism: The Propensity To Respect The Dignity Of Each Individual And To Value Them As Such

Each human being is unique and has a nobility that he or she has sometimes forgotten. Knowing how to recognize this is to show humanism, this quality allows us to change the way we look at people, even those we despise. Through ignorance, through a bad education, people behave badly. We must integrate this and tell ourselves that they can change in the other direction if we manage to put the right ideas in their heads.

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