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What Magical Thoughts Are Holding You Back?

A magical thought is defined as an irrational idea that causes us to act in a certain way. Irrational would mean without a proven scientific or logical basis. In this sense, some of the ideas conveyed by religions can be considered magical. In some cases, these ideas are harmless or even beneficial, in other cases, they are harmful to you or those around you.

Productivity And Magical Thoughts

If you want to optimize your productivity, you should think about the notion of magical thinking. Before learning, you have to unlearn. What are the unfounded ideas that prevent you from being effective? What beliefs are you carrying around that act as a burden or a stick in the wheels of your locomotive?

Confronting Opposing Ideas

There is a paradox, initially, when you confront an idea that goes against yours, it will tend to reinforce your pre-existing beliefs. Now, if you repeat the experience several times, you will gradually “open mental doors” allowing you to see the world differently. By searching for the truth, by confronting contrary ideas, experience or logic, you will be able to emancipate yourself from these magical thoughts.

The Importance Of Reading About Various Subjects

As you can see, if you are confronted with ideas that are contrary to yours and varied, you will be able to “break the locks” on your magical thoughts. Reading a variety of books allows you to fill the gap between you and the truth.

Tolerating Certain Magical Ideas For Your Progress

In some situations, we must accept the fact that certain magical ideas help us to be more effective. For example, one of the main purposes of magical ideas is that they help create a bond between individuals. This sense of belonging can help make organizations or countries more effective. When you increase the level of trust between members of a group, you increase the speed with which those same members can work together.

What To Remember?

– A magical thought is an irrational thought that induces a certain behavior
– In most cases, a magical thought hinders our progress
– In other cases, it can be useful, especially in enabling people to work together

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