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The Rich Seek What Money Cannot Buy

Many seek to cultivate a mindset of abundance to become wealthy. Historically, the nouveau riche, otherwise known as the bourgeoisie, have always desired what could not be bought with money, such as titles of nobility. Being Rich Means Desiring the Unattainable When we lack something materially, we seek to satisfy basic needs. This distinction between humans and animals may also…


A Society Of Greed

According to Catholic doctrine, there are said to be 7 deadly sins: lust, spiritual sloth (acedia), anger, envy, gluttony, pride, and greed. Let’s focus on the latter. Why have our societies become so greedy? Why have more noble values been substituted for this one? Greed appears when God disappears Greed is the feeling of never having enough, of always wanting…


We Should Compare Ourselves Materially With The Poor And Spiritually With The Wise (We Do The Exact Opposite!)

If we take a look at social media, we will quickly realize that what is shown to us is primarily the material success of others. We see few people showcasing their poverty or misery. Conversely, it’s much harder to find videos of wise or spiritual people sharing their worldly knowledge. It all depends on the algorithm, you might say how…