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Are Production And Fulfillment Antinomic?

At first glance, productivity is built at the expense of our fulfillment. Reaching high goals implies sacrificing personal time to devote oneself fully to one’s efforts. However, there are important cultural differences between countries regarding work and between eras. Very early in Europe, especially among the Greeks, work was reserved only for slaves and therefore it was frowned upon to…


Find Your Place In The Economy Of Laziness

Civilizations were built thanks to the idle classes, those who were exempt from hard work. Scientists, philosophers, mathematicians, playwrights, and other poets have made civilization germinate because they belonged to a privileged and therefore idle class. What if tomorrow’s world gave us more of an opportunity to live like a fifth century BC Athenian citizen (members of the privileged class)?…


Your Seed Is Precious

It takes a lot of effort for the body to produce human seed. The Indians call the male seed “oja,” which means sap. Much of the spiritual and philosophical translations were intended to give another expression to sexual energy. This is why the figure of the ascetic is present in both philosophers and monks. To produce a replication of our…