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How To Live With Absence?


This cherished parent, gone without saying goodbye. This eternal love, which nevertheless goes away, leaving an emptiness that silence fills with gravity. This look that we will never meet again. Those sweet words of yesteryear whose echoes warm and chill us at the same time. These tender moments that we replay, like vestiges of a time now distant. This memory…


Frugality, A Supreme Value To See The Emergence Of A Collective Happiness Accessible To All


According to the Hindu tradition, there are three types of happiness: a selfish happiness, one that is indifferent to that of others and another that contributes to that of others. What we are often shown as an image of happiness is finally a selfish happiness, made of consumption of luxury objects where the individual is brought to the pinnacle. Why…


Fight Alone While Waiting For Reinforcements Like The Inhabitants Of A Besieged City


Resist and win We don’t realize how necessary it is to associate with people who share the same desires as we do. If we are not a little careful in choosing our fellow travelers, we end up making other plans. Maintaining friendships necessarily involves sharing desires and aspirations. This is natural and helps to create a bond. That said, there…


Predestination: At The Root Of The Win/Lose Ideology


According to the Robert, predestination is a religious doctrine according to which God destines certain creatures to salvation by the sole force of his grace and dooms the others (whatever they do) to damnation. This belief is shared by several Christian denominations, notably Calvinist and Jansenist. These sects of Protestantism flourished and took root across the Atlantic where they greatly…