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Increase Your Spiritual Dimension 1% At A Time

Growing up in a family that gives a place to spirituality is not everyone’s luck. Often, we live our lives having omitted this dimension of our lives until the day we face a serious existential or personal crisis. It is insincere and even dangerous to throw oneself headlong into a spiritual life without having been initiated into it beforehand. One risks behaving like a bigot or a fanaticized person. All changes take time and the same goes for spirituality if we want this change to be permanent.

The 1% Rule

A transformation is profound if it has taken time to permeate all dimensions of the being (mind, body, emotions etc.). When we change radically, we risk changing only on the surface. The 1% rule says that the cumulative effect of small improvements over a long period of time has dramatic results compared to large efforts made in a short period of time. It is better to improve a little each day than to try to impress others with dramatic improvements.

Spirituality Is A Sensitive Area

Not all of us feel the need to awaken our spiritual dimension. Very often, it is by chance of a meeting or a reading that the spark occurs. It is only through the repetition of small efforts that might seem insignificant that we can acquire a spiritual capital. This, like all types of well invested capital, develops and grows over time.

Spirituality Permeates All Cultures

Everything that has been cultural has most often been cultural. Literature, architecture, painting and art in general are imbued with religious references. The impulse to artistic creation is linked to a quest for a link with the transcendent. Because of these connections with the cultic, we are culturally impregnated with spiritual references without always being aware of it. As a result, it is often quite simple to make the link between culture and spirituality when we undertake our initiatory journey.

Change Is Now

The 1% rule leaves no room for doubt: we can all improve infinitesimally each day, so it calls us to action without detours or excuses. This rule invites us to continue our efforts like a marathon runner who doesn’t stop running even though he is moving very slowly.

Making An Effort Is The Most Important Thing

What matters is not your immediate results, it’s your effort, your drive, the direction you’re heading in. To adopt the 1% philosophy is to live with a certain serenity and confidence because all effort pays off. The present may be dark but the future is bright when you adopt this approach.

Why Develop Your Spiritual Life?

No one is obliged to develop all the dimensions of his life (intellectual, emotional, physical etc.), but by choosing to do so, one gives another dimension to his life. One opens the field of possibilities. The spiritual dimension is an existential one. Having a strong spiritual capital makes you stronger to face the hazards and obstacles of life. It is an extra shell, an extra string to your bow to live in a world that can appear hostile in some respects.

Examples Of Daily Tasks That Raise Your Spiritual Capital:

– Praying: this is a simple act that can be done in almost any circumstance.
– Repeating mantras: You can say benevolent words in your head or a single word that has power. You have two minutes in a queue, you can say mantras in your head.
– Meditate: calming your mind through meditation can open the doors to spirituality
– Cleaning: cleaning your living space is a spiritual act. You create a better flow of positive energies by doing this.
– Giving : giving your time, energy or money to someone, in a selfless way, is a charitable act that advances your spiritual capital
– Fasting : by fasting, you gain energy, because it is not used for digestion. You can then devote this energy to spiritual activities. Fasting is to dominate your body and thus regain control of your mind.
– Read or attend these conferences on the internet by spiritual masters

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