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The Necessary Learning Of Conflict


Without doubt, a world free of dispute and competition will emerge one day? We must be prepared to welcome it with open arms as much as we must deal with the daily assaults on us. The peace we seek outside is almost an echo of our inner beauty. But what if our harmony is disturbed by imperious or casual intruders? Can we really act as if nothing had happened? Do we really have a choice? Can we remain impassive while these annoyances cause confusion?

These daily setbacks in the pursuit of happiness, if not tranquility, are unavoidable obstacles to which we must unfortunately get used. To live is to be exposed to two sides of the same coin. It is up to us to approach this inevitability with calmness and even to tame the disagreement or even the discord.

Water knows how to remain calm, when the elements cajole it, be it the wind or the stars. Nevertheless, if they come to mistreat it, the water can become stormy or threatening. These waves that appear on the horizon are not the expression of a surface agitation: the ocean, in spite of the storm, remains deeply peaceful.

We must know how to draw inspiration from this essential element. If someone commits the offence of bullying us, we must react like water. We must know how to show our disapproval and express a certain vehemence while maintaining an Olympian calm within us. Combativeness is useful if we want to cope with life. It is a way to communicate our vital energy to those who do not have the wisdom to see in serenity the most beautiful expression of human strength.

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