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Try To Understand The Messages God Sends You

God talks to you all the time, but most of the time we don’t tune in to receive his messages. It’s a bit like a satellite transmitting a signal all the time, but you don’t use a satellite dish to pick up the information.

God Speaks To You, But First You Have To Recognize It

First and foremost, there’s no point in being receptive to God’s message if you’re not convinced that He exists, that He means well and that He’s constantly communicating. If you didn’t grow up in a religious family (and sometimes that’s not even enough), you’ll need to collect evidence that God has indeed tried to send you messages.

Tune In To God’s Frequency

When you listen to the radio (if you still do), you need to tune in to a specific channel, a specific frequency, in order to receive the program you want. It’s the same with God. To tune into God’s frequency, you have to purify yourself.

How Do I Purify Myself?

There are different levels of purification to help you get closer to God and listen to the messages He sends you. There are your thoughts (a fortiori your heart), your words, your actions and your body, which you can constantly purify. Having pure thoughts means not having hatred, fear or shame. When you purify your thoughts, you raise your level of consciousness. What’s more, thought (and the heart, which is the noble side of thought) is the most central element in your quest for purity. If your thoughts are pure, your words, actions and body will become pure. In fact, your words, actions and body are really only indicators of the quality of your heart, in much the same way as a weather sensor can testify to the nature of the weather at any given moment. You need to pay attention to your words and actions in the sense that they are indicators of your spiritual level.

Getting Closer Every Day

In the course of a day, we may only be truly pure for a few moments. The rest of the time, we’re just going about our business. That’s why we need to make the most of those rare moments of purity during the day. When you are pure, you are receptive to God. That’s when you can find the answers to your most intimate questions. Once you’ve got the beginnings of an answer, keep them preciously in the corner of your heart so you don’t forget them. Then you need to make important decisions, taking into account the data received during these moments of spiritual lucidity.

Prayer And Meditation

Meditation enables you to clarify your thoughts, thus purifying them. Prayer enables you to be receptive to divine messages. In themselves, these two practices are complementary, and I’d say that meditating before praying is a good thing.


To Sum Up:

– God is constantly speaking to you
– You can listen to his message by purifying yourself
– There are several dimensions to purification, but the most important is the purification of thoughts.
– You can hardly be connected to God 100% of the time unless you’re enlightened or a prophet.

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