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How Did The Gurkhas Become The Elite Soldiers Of The British Army?

There is something surprising about the recruitment of some of the British Army soldiers: about 4,000 of them are integrated each year and are born in Nepal and therefore do not have English as their mother tongue. The British, unlike the French, have historically had a more racial view of war. According to a book “The Martial Races” written by Heather Streets Salter. The Gurkhas are, so to speak, at the very top of the martial ladder, because their country has never been conquered by the British, and despite several attempts, they have acquired great prestige and respect vis-à-vis the latter. France, on the other hand, is more universalist or egalitarian at least. You don’t need to be from a “martial race” to join the prestigious Foreign Legion. Only your character, your discipline, your stamina, your will, your intelligence and your courage will allow you to open the doors of this formidable formation.

The Gurkhas In Their History

Geography and society shape character. I personally believe that there are cultures that encourage warrior temperaments. Culture more than race will direct the propensity to fight. There is more of a reality of “warrior culture” rather than “warrior race”. The mountains create more resilient cultures. The Basques are one of the few peoples in Western Europe who were not subjugated by the Romans, for example. They were also not subjected to the Muslim invasions that plagued the Iberian Peninsula, the mountainous geography of their region may explain this.

The Mountains And Their Impact On The Character

Mountains create islands out of the water. It often happens that neighboring villages separated by the mountain do not speak the same language. This geographic isolation creates a stronger identity, less permeable to outside influences. On the other hand, it creates calm but resolute characters, as the cold of the mountains tests the will and resilience of the people who inhabit them on a daily basis.

The History Of The Gurkhas

The Gurkhas, known for their bravery and loyalty, have played a vital role in the British Army for over 200 years. Originally from Nepal, the Gurkhas have served the British Crown with distinction in countless campaigns, including the two World Wars, the Falklands War and the recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Their reputation as elite soldiers is well known and has been earned through their experience, training and exceptional qualities.Gurkhas are selected through a rigorous recruitment process, which includes a series of mental and physical tests designed to test their strength, fitness and agility. They must also demonstrate discipline, courage and loyalty. It is said that the courage of the Gurkhas is fueled by their loyalty; they will do anything to defend their comrades and their country.


Once selected, the Gurkhas undergo one of the toughest training programs in the world. Their training includes learning to use a wide range of weapons, hand-to-hand combat and survival in a hostile environment. Most importantly, they learn to remain calm and focused under extreme pressure, a skill that has saved many lives in combat.

One of the main advantages of the Gurkhas is their physical strength and endurance, which is a result of their diet and lifestyle. The Gurkhas’ diet consists of protein-rich foods, such as lentils, beans and meat, which provide them with the energy they need to perform their tasks. They also follow a rigorous exercise program, which includes running, hiking and other physical activities that help build strength and endurance.

The Cultural Dimension

Another essential characteristic of the Gurkhas is their cultural traditions, which emphasize discipline, respect and honor. These values are instilled in the Gurkhas at an early age and are reinforced throughout their military career. As a result, Gurkhas are known for their loyalty and professionalism, which are essential qualities for military personnel.

The Gurkhas also have a proud history of military service, which has earned them worldwide respect and admiration. They have fought alongside British troops in countless battles, including the Siege of Delhi, and have received numerous medals and citations for their bravery and sacrifice.

In conclusion, the Gurkhas are the elite soldiers of the British Army for many reasons. They have earned this distinction through their rigorous selection process, grueling training, physical strength and cultural traditions. The Gurkhas’ reputation as elite soldiers is based primarily on their bravery, loyalty and professionalism, qualities that are essential for any military personnel. It is these qualities that have made the Gurkhas one of the most respected and admired units in the world, and an essential part of the British Army.

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