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Baraka: Don’t Miss Your Rendez-Vous With Destiny

Fortune Only Smiles On Well-Prepared Minds. Louis PasteurThere are turning points in our lives when Providence reaches out to us. These moments are turning points that we must seize, because our future can change completely.

Fortune only smiles on well-prepared minds. Louis Pasteur

There are many ways to miss the opportunity to meet your baraka, but I’d say there are two main reasons: lack of faith (/ confidence in your chances) and lack of work / effort / preparation. These two aspects are linked: someone who believes in his chances will tend to work harder, while someone who puts in a lot of effort will tend to have greater self-confidence. To seize the baraka at the right moment, you need to strengthen your heart and mind.

Luck Comes With Faith

Your relationship with God, angels or other celestial entities goes a long way to determining how you approach the future. If you believe in God, you’ll tend to be more positive and seize opportunities when they come your way. It’s not for nothing that the word baraka has its origins in spirituality – it comes from the Arabic “بركة” meaning blessing from God and resulting prosperity for man.
Essentially and etymologically, to increase your baraka, you need to get closer to God, which means praying more often and approaching the world with greater purity.

Patience Is Part Of Faith

We’re often disappointed that we can’t get things done, and that our achievements are ultimately slow. It has to be said that God tests us, and patience is an integral part of a believer’s qualities. Enduring adversity with patience, temperance and resolution is an outward manifestation of great faith.

Develop Your Baraka

If you don’t wish to adhere to spiritual ideas, that’s perfectly acceptable, but you mustn’t slacken your efforts. You have the possibility of attracting good fortune through your determination to give your best despite the fact that you don’t believe in God. I’d say that if you believe in yourself, in fact, you already believe a little in God.

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