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Are You Living In Beautiful Times Without Knowing It?

Those who lived during the Belle Époque didn’t know it at the time. It was only in retrospect that this period was considered as such, since it was framed between 2 wars, that of 1870 and that of 1914. In the end, the term is more an expression of nostalgia for the good old days, when the madness and misery of the war that was to follow were unknown. Are we living in a new Belle Époque? For those who are currently experiencing war, this is clearly not the case, but for those who have been preserved from it and who may one day experience it, what of it?

Every Day Is A Belle Epoque

We don’t know how to enjoy the light because we’ve never known night. Perhaps that’s how we should sum up our situation. For those of us who don’t enjoy our daily lives, it’s probably because the beauties they contain have not been put into perspective with darkness or chaos. Living in the cozy comfort of modern life, we forget that reality could be quite different. Hunger, cold, fear and distress are at the heart of war. These things seem far away when we see them on TV, yet they can pierce the screen at any moment, and we shouldn’t take so lightly and for granted what millions of people are seeking on the other side of the globe or not so far from home. Every day alive and at peace is a victory, and gratitude for this situation is the prerequisite for living happily.

Become The Artisan Of A Beautiful Era

When we think of the Belle Époque, we think of the Impressionist painters, the world’s fairs, scientific and technological progress, optimism, Paris, a certain gentleness emanating from bucolic landscapes. What can we do today to become part of an everyday belle époque? What would be the characteristics of today’s Belle Époque?

Peace, The Arts, Beauty And Truth

War is synonymous with cruelty, ugliness, lies and destruction. Peace, in the era of a new Belle Époque, should embody the opposite values. Each and every one of us can act in favor of harmony.

The Civilization Of Power Vs. The Civilization Of Strength

A civilization is like an organism: it is born, grows up, becomes an adolescent, then an adult and finally grows old. Some civilizations remain at an adolescent level, while others continue to grow and flourish. An immature civilization tends to cultivate strength, i.e. the desire to dominate others. Then, if it comes to maturity, it doesn’t seek to dominate by force, but rather by its arts, science and morality. When Rome subjugated the Greek cities of the ancient world, it was typically a case of an adolescent civilization meeting a more mature one. That’s why the Romans subsequently adapted Greek philosophy and pantheon, and why some of their elite adopted Greek as their language of study. Some would argue the opposite, that it was Roman ingenuity that triumphed over Greek disunity. You be the judge. I could cite another significant example. Think of the Mongols who invaded China, dominating it for a time, but a few centuries later, it’s China that shines with its economic and cultural aura, and Mongol civilization has long since disappeared from the radar screen of history.

Being The Architect Of A New Era Means To Be Part Of A Civilization Of Power

The world is connected, and we have the opportunity to be peacemakers through the arts, ideas and an effort to cultivate beauty in our souls and hearts. “Every consciousness that rises lifts the world.

Create Beautiful Memories

War or no war, it’s important to build up a bank of good memories. In principle, this is the job of parents. It’s their job to ensure that their children have wonderful childhood memories that can be recalled at will when they’re adults. If your childhood didn’t bring you sweetness or tenderness, it’s up to you to create these future memories voluntarily. You see, a memory is like a lifeline that can be used when life turns dark. A memory should be filled with love, gentleness and other positive emotions. It’s like a pillow you can fall asleep on when everything around you turns dark and threatening.

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