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The Best Decision You Can Make Is To Invest In Your Wisdom

The poor decisions we make in our lives are attributable to fear, greed, or sensuality, in short, to a lack of wisdom. Retrospectively, the decisions we have made poorly have always been justified by one of these three things. That is why, to optimize decision-making, it is advisable to simply invest in one’s own wisdom.

Luck favors the enlightened sage

It is often said that luck favors the prepared mind. In reality, true luck favors the wise, for they are minds that have prepared for the best. That is why, at times, one might feel that a person missed an opportunity when, in fact, if that person is wise, they did well to let that apparent opportunity pass. A sage is someone who has realized divine truth, what one might call light. All they do afterward is seek to find the light outside or to try to consecrate places and spaces to make them themselves filled with divine light.

Investing in the spiritual path

The spiritual path aims to gradually distance oneself from the three evils that hinder your progress: fear, greed, and sensuality. We do not all start from the same point; some will have more work to do than others. This is due to our experiences and past lives. Moreover, this same karma can have a direct impact on your place of birth and the conditions in which you were surrounded and educated (the spiritual level of your relatives, an environment favorable or not to spirituality, etc.).

Overcoming fear

Courage is acting despite fear. Wisdom is losing the notion of fear. How to free oneself from fear even though it is an emotion that has accompanied us throughout our lives? A first step towards fearlessness would be to overcome fear through diligent practice of courage. Courage does not completely remove fear, but it dominates it and ultimately renders it insignificant.

The path of fearlessness

To go further in overcoming fear, courage is not enough. One must immerse oneself in harmony. This harmony must permeate your heart, your soul, your entire being so that fear can no longer touch you. Harmony is found in nature or in the presence of sages who have already achieved harmony within themselves. The absence of fear implies having realized a certain number of truths because fear primarily finds its source in ignorance.

Losing greed

The world has enough for everyone’s needs, but not enough for everyone’s greed. – Mahatma Gandhi

Greed is a bottomless pit that can only be filled by wisdom. Greed is the attitude of buying without restraint and indulging without satiety. It is the plague of our world, and it finds a solution only in the habit of restraint, frugality, or a form of asceticism, and of course, in the practice of generosity. We begin to have enough when our hearts are sufficiently full that we can begin to give. It is by learning to give that we learn to combat greed. Therefore, it is by a generous attitude that one can rid oneself of this bad trait. In fact, it is often the humblest people who can demonstrate great generosity.

Freeing oneself from sensuality

Our world is lascivious. Sensual desires are aroused primarily because they allow for selling and thus manipulating us. Overcoming sensuality involves a certain withdrawal, even a form of asceticism. This can lead to isolation, solitude, fasting, or avoiding exposure to ideas or content that evoke sensuality within us.

How to elevate oneself spiritually?

You were born with spiritual potential, but depending on where you grow up, you may ignore this dimension of your life. The luckiest people will be born into a spiritual family, that is, a family that provides space to cultivate the divine light present in each of us. If a person does not have this luck, they will have to realize this dimension later in life.

Embarking on the search for one’s spiritual dimension

There is a process for elevating one’s spiritual dimension. It happens in stages and involves first getting closer to people or places with a high pranic level, then learning to sanctify the spaces you visit, and finally practicing this sanctification wherever you go.

Seek places with a high degree of prana

In your initiatory journey, you will need to get closer to places and people with a high energetic level, what is called prana in Sanskrit. Prana is spiritual energy and is unevenly distributed across the globe. It depends on several factors, the first being natural (geology of the place, types of stones present, telluric and atmospheric activity, presence of vegetation and animals, etc.), the second being human and spiritual (presence of illuminated people who have traveled to the places in question, presence of a community of people with a high degree of spiritual practice, presence of temples, etc.). Once a place has been identified as being spiritually high, it is important to stay there long enough to immerse yourself in its energy so that it permeates your entire being. It is like when you stay outside in the rain, you end up soaked. In terms of prana, you must do the same to be completely energized.

Learn to sanctify

The second step is to learn to sanctify from an enlightened master. Meeting such a person can correspond to the previous step. Learning purification takes longer and requires techniques that one could not invent alone unless they have already been initiated in a past life. It is an initiatory journey in which you will carry out a deliberate practice under the guidance of a sage who has already achieved this sanctification skill. The process can be long, and you will need to be patient and persevering to acquire this new ability.

And consecrate the places where you are

Once your learning is complete, you will need to become a sanctification relay, which will require you to travel and find a space where you will concentrate your mystical energy. This may involve people following you in this project and becoming your apprentices in sanctification.

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