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What Will The Next Generation Look Like?

To destroy a crop, you just have to destroy a generation. This technique was practiced by the British in their colonies (see Stolen Generation in Australia and Canada).

There is also another way to break a culture, it is by exterminating the carriers.

Today, it seems that a new mass culture carries within it the seeds of its own destruction. The woke culture produces individuals who no longer wish to reproduce.

The Issue Of Indifferentiation

The absolute equality between men and women creates indifferentiation. Absolute indifferentiation eradicates attraction. Two positive charges repel each other, two neutrons are indifferent to each other. The more a man resembles a woman and vice versa, the less attraction will be born in them and the fewer children they will have.

The Monastic Precedent

A whole section of European culture was produced and transmitted by a class of the population that did not reproduce: monks and priests. However, the values they passed on to the faithful helped to strengthen the bonds with the people and the families had many children.
The Woke movement led to the creation of a childless society*. However, the Woke culture can be passed on to some of the children of traditional families, allowing Woke ideas to be passed on from generation to generation, especially through the help of mass culture.

[There are several ways to pass on to the next generation. The first is by blood, the second is by spirit. It seems that Wokism works like a monasticism: the people who embody this culture will not reproduce and they try to evangelize others. They wish to have children of spirit, not children of blood].

Is Wokism Nihilism?

Nihilism is the same as believing in nothing or believing in something that leads to its own destruction. The woke phenomenon seems to correspond in part to this definition. By wiping out the past, one cuts oneself off from the chain of transmission, one eliminates the bad but one eliminates what is good in the past. By wanting to destroy everything in the name of progress, we forget a part of the secular wisdom that has allowed our genes to be transmitted until today.
The woke project is nebulous, it does not seem to have a clear direction. What is the final goal? What kind of society do we want to create by implementing all the woke injunctions one by one?

The Next Generation Will Be The Antithesis Of The Previous Ones

Each generation brings its own surprises. The next generation will be the product of its time, and this time will be full of challenges. Whether it is the mass use of artificial intelligence, the environmental challenge, or the cultural and social disruptions wrought by the woke movement, the next generation will be a kind of laboratory mouse whose reaction to any change (and aggression) is unknown.

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