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The Cumulative Effect Of Good Deeds

Evil is strong at the beginning and weak at the end. Good is weak at the beginning and strong at the end.

When we start a career, we are tempted to choose the profession that will maximize our income and we sometimes ignore morality. In doing so, we get a head start on others but we neglect the opportunity cost of not acting for the good of others and ourselves in the end.

The Opportunity Cost Of Not Dedicating Yourself To The Good

When you give 100 percent to your career but don’t pay attention to the interests you serve, you miss opportunities to be happier. Sooner or later you will want to be fully happy and true happiness is that which contributes to the happiness of others. Selfish happiness is only limited happiness. Life is a succession of choices. Choosing only to act out of selfishness sets us on a path that takes us away from our good nature and changes us. Even if we finally choose to retrace our steps to take a better path, we will have lost time and this wrong path will have contaminated us in some way. We may be bitter and demagnetized. It will take us a very long time to catch up – if we can catch up at all – with someone who made the right choice.

You Just Need To Make 4-5 Good Decisions In Your Life

If you look at it, your life is determined by just a few decisions: where you live, who you marry, what job you have, etc. In order to be happy, we have to decide on a few things, but we have to give them our maximum time and attention. The problem is that sometimes we lack discernment: we spend as much time choosing our next movie on Netflix as the university we are going to study in (I’m not exaggerating). We need to allocate maximum resources in time and attention to decisions that will have a huge impact on our lives in order to “succeed” and be happy.

To Be Selfish Is To Be Altruistic

I wrote earlier that we should not be selfish because it does not guarantee us optimal happiness. It depends on what we mean by selfish and I would say that all our choices, even the most altruistic ones are actually selfish because they lead us to happiness, the only difference is that there are several levels of selfishness. There is a pure egoism, which we must flee from, but there is also an altruistic egoism which we must seek. Pure altruism does not exist or perhaps in a few enlightened beings (Buddha etc.).

Not Saying Thank You

Politeness teaches us to say thank you, but to say thank you is to take power away from those who have helped us. It is a paltry gift that we give to someone who may have served us greatly. The best way to say thank you is not with words but with actions because it is much more costly.

Material Hedonism Leads To Nihilism, Be A Hedonist Of Ideas

We run after material hedonism because we think it will lead us to happiness. That is why we want to get rich. However, this hedonism has serious consequences on the well-being of the people around us. To satisfy the pleasure of the body, we come to subjugate animals and people. To avoid this, it is necessary to transpose this thirst for pleasure into the realm of ideas. Accumulating knowledge through the inexhaustible source of knowledge represented by books is one of the ways of satisfying a need for infinity and harming as few people as possible.

If You Move Fast On The Surface, You Move Slowly In Depth

Another aspect of our moral progress is that it is usually slow. In order to bring about deep change, we must give ourselves time to absorb and embrace new ideas. Sometimes we feel that we are making rapid progress because we are doing well from a material point of view, but in this case it often means that we have not really changed in depth but rather that we have gained confidence.

Entrepreneurship As A Way To Be A Better Person

Entrepreneurship is hard. The competition is fierce. An entrepreneur is a far cry from the cozy comfort of being an employee or a civil servant. The most effective way to advance one’s business is to become better, more disciplined, more demanding of oneself, more patient, more hardworking, more involved, more willing to learn. The difficulty of the entrepreneur is an excellent way of personal development.

The Strength Of Not Having A Choice

Another way to improve is to simply not have a choice. When circumstances are difficult and we have no choice but to overcome them, we become better. There are situations that force us to have no choice and there are other situations that we can artificially recreate so that we have no choice but to be better or stronger.

Choose Your Guru Carefully

We consciously or unconsciously choose people we take as models. By doing so, we become like them. That is why it is necessary to know where you want to go before blindly following someone. Here are some prerequisites to find the right person:

– Does he share our values?

– Has it achieved what I want to achieve?

– Does she have a pleasant personality?

– Does she help me to excel?

To Conclude:

– There are different ways to improve yourself, the key is to choose a path and pursue it with perseverance and discipline and to have people you can trust to tell you if you are on the right track

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