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How To Change The World When You Are Only A Small Particle Of The Universe?


Do not listen to your will, let your energy express itself

What we have at birth, it is the universe that gave it to us. It gave us this breath, this momentum, this energy, which is our driving force. We do not know it and think that what we do is only the fruit of our will. We are like a spaceship that wanders in space with an inertia that does not meet any resistance on its way. The movement that drives it is the propulsion force that was initially deployed from its launch pad. These reactors are like a divine breath.
We go wherever we want to on Earth, but the main part has been produced before. To recognize this power is to be humble and stop giving ourselves all the credit. Certainly, our will acts, it exists, but there is a much stronger pre-existing principle beyond us.

To be able to serve the world in the best possible way, we must reconnect with this universal source, which is where our happiness and our vocation lie. We cannot go far in this life, if we oppose what animates us the most inside. To be able to do this work, we must unlearn many things that we have been taught since our childhood. Reconnecting with our source can take time if we have been lost for a long time in a way that was not our own, playing a role or wearing a mask. When we feel that something is wrong, nothing is better than doing an active meditation, that is, most often practicing a physical activity in which the conscious mind is less solicited. By doing this, whether it is walking, swimming, biking, driving, yoga, meditating, etc., one can directly act in a more intuitive way and become aware of things that one was unaware of or repressed.

It is more than essential to devote time every day to “doing nothing”, it is the best way to stay on track and make the right decisions day after day.

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