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Leadership Comes From Competence

People aspire to be leaders, but most of the time they have only a superficial vision of what that entails.

Leadership Comes From Competence

Intimate knowledge of a subject, the fruit of theoretical knowledge, reflection and application, is what gives rise to leadership in any field. If you want to lead a group of people, you have to be better than the members who make up that group, otherwise you won’t have any legitimacy. People take you on as a leader not because you dominate them, but because they need you, because they can learn and grow alongside you.

Leaders Are Considered Leaders Because They Place Themselves In A Position Of Abundance

If you want to have the upper hand over someone, that person needs you. If you’re an expert in a field, it’s only natural that you should exert a natural authority over people who want to improve in that same field.

What Leadership Is Not

If you focus on the outside, on posture, attitude and authority, you’re going to run into a lot of problems in your quest for leadership. People aren’t usually fooled. They can see through appearances and quickly spot whether they’re dealing with a real leader or an imposter. You can impose yourself by force, as you would with wild animals – it may work for a moment, but even then, you can be devoured if you’re not careful. Alternatively, there’s a more subtle way of making yourself heard, and that’s to have worked inwardly with the light.

What Is Light?

Light is knowledge, wisdom, high-level knowledge that brings us closer to the truth. Anyone who has been close to the truth, more or less, leaves no one indifferent. If you’ve been doing inner work on yourself for months or even years, you’ll have an advantage over others who haven’t. You’ll gain respect almost instantly. You’ll gain almost instant respect from the people in your audience. Your aura will have taken on a certain hue and the aura of the people around you will be aware of this, which is why people will listen to you all the more attentively.

The Soul Is In Charge

Beyond skill, there’s the spiritual level that allows you to communicate in the most intimate way without having to speak. The soul is the most infinitesimal element of each individual. If you can elevate your soul, you can reach more people. Soul work is the deepest and most laborious, but it’s the most fruitful. Conversely, if you focus on the outside, you’ll quickly reach a limit that other people will also notice. So, to achieve true leadership, it’s better to undertake hard work rather than look for shortcuts. The first thing you can do is make a commitment to be extremely demanding of yourself, and work today to act more ethically. Then, make it a priority to deepen your knowledge in order to become one of the best.

In Short, As Lao Tzu Says, To Dominate, You Must Place Yourself Below Others

To place yourself below others means neither more nor less than to serve – to be useful. If you serve, you create a bond of dependence, an indestructible link that reverses the apparent balance of power.

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