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Two Daily Forces To Master


Each individual’s day is structured around two forces, rising and falling: yang and yin.

It is advisable to organize one’s day according to these two energies.

In general, the yang forces are more present in the morning: this is the time to create. Conversely, the evening is more conducive to yin energies, i.e. to receive, to learn to reflect.

The yang facet “to produce” / “to create” is inseparable from the yin facet “to assimilate” / “to digest”. To be truly creative, it is necessary to know how to articulate correctly these two sides of creation. Without yin force, one cannot nourish creation, the quality is affected. Without yang force, the creation does not materialize, it remains at the conceptual state.

Each person is unique, so it is important to find the right balance between these two forces. Some artistic works require more maturation force, i.e. more yin. Conversely, other works are more oriented towards execution.

Make the most of this principle in your daily life. Feel whether you are in the case of a rising or falling force. See how you can make the most of your day. Take inspiration from trees whose sap rises in the summer and falls in the winter. They have wisdom, they work in coherence with their external environment. Do the same.

This yin-yang diptych can be found at any time of the day for anything else. For example, in terms of food, it is desirable to eat more in the first part of the day to provide the fuel necessary for production. Conversely, the evening meal should be light to allow ideas to rise in a different way, as this excess energy cannot really be expressed to its full potential, and one becomes lethargic.

This approach can also be applied when it comes to exercise. As surprising as it may seem, sport, while being yang for the body, is yin for the mind. During physical training, we rest our brain, it no longer works in concentration mode but in diffusion mode, it is in this context that new ideas can emerge. Thus, it is necessary to cultivate a yin-yang complementarity at every moment so as not to create imbalance. The mind can escape while the body can exercise and then the body can rest at the very moment when cognitive concentration is at its maximum. A balance between yin and yang implies a high Qi (vital energy) according to the Taoist approach.

Try to become aware of this interdependence in order to achieve optimal productivity and thus be able to provide quality work throughout the week.

Here is a list of examples of activities according to whether they are yin or yang :

studywriting a report
watch a videomake a video

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