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Upgrading Your Mind

In this article I’ll share some of the practical benefits of improving your mind management skills and some key benefits you can gain. This isn’t a how-to article. It’s an overview of some of the wonderful possibilities to explore. by Steve Pavlina from Mind Management Many people identify with their minds, treating their minds as synonymous with themselves. This…


Mile Wide, Mile Deep

Have you ever heard the phrase “inch wide, mile deep” with respect to picking an area of focus for your education, career, website, business, etc? The idea here is that you should narrow your focus and concentrate on becoming highly skilled in one particular subfield. Then you’ll be able to carve out a space within your industry where you’re competent…


How to Tell if You Have a Healthy Brain

Neurological imbalances can show up as psychological, behavioral, and motivational problems. If we try to treat these problems at the psychological or behavioral levels, however, we can’t effectively cure them because the problems have physical causes, such as a buildup of toxicity in the brain. by Steve Pavlina, from It’s my opinion that a wide swath of personal development…