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Two daily forces to master


Each individual’s day is structured around two forces, rising and falling: yang and yin. It is advisable to organize one’s day according to these two energies. In general, the yang forces are more present in the morning: this is the time to create. Conversely, the evening is more conducive to yin energies, i.e. to receive, to learn to reflect. The…


10 reasons to enjoy the massive spread of telework


Greater family-work balance: more presence at home By definition, working at home means staying with loved ones for longer. Less pollution Reducing daily commutes drastically improves air quality and therefore the health of city dwellers. Less time lost in transport The other advantage of teleworking is the saving of time which can sometimes represent several hours per day. These same…


The productivity project


A digest of Chris Bailey’s book, The productivity project. Productivity is about working smarter by better managing energy and attention (let alone time). Productivity boils down to doing the most important thing, not doing more. Adequate productivity, according to the author, lies between two extremes. It is a midpoint between the hyperactivity of the trader and the hyperdetachment of the…


The power of full engagement


A summary of The power of full engagement, by Jim Loehr and Tony Shwartz Most of people do not manage to remain focused after a while. Facing this lack of motivation, the majority of people think that they must: Improve their time management Have another coffee Learn new disciplinary techniques to stay motivated New paradigm: it is necessary to manage…


High Earners Adrift

Many of my readers have skills they can apply to earn incomes that are far above average — if they desire to apply those skills for that purpose. A lot of them are programmers or engineers. Some know how to invest or trade stocks. Some are just really good poker players. These people can earn six-figure incomes (sometimes more) without…


Upgrading Your Mind

In this article I’ll share some of the practical benefits of improving your mind management skills and some key benefits you can gain. This isn’t a how-to article. It’s an overview of some of the wonderful possibilities to explore. by Steve Pavlina from Mind Management Many people identify with their minds, treating their minds as synonymous with themselves. This…

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