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What Clarity Habits Do You Have On A Daily Basis?


Living without distraction is a challenge. Today, more than ever, our attention is required for things that are sometimes trivial, sometimes disturbing. Working or simply living without distraction is a skill that is being honed. Given that everything is done to distract us (telephones, advertising of all kinds, etc.), it is more than necessary to rewire our brain so that…


A Certain Amount Of Uncertainty Is Necessary To Progress


Fighting Extreme Comfort To Stay Productive The extreme comfort we all seek can be our greatest enemy when it comes to productivity. It encourages superficiality and non-urgency. To counterbalance these shortcomings, we need to return to a certain amount of uncertainty and even, in some cases, precariousness. A certain degree of precariousness creates urgency and therefore intensity; through the energy…


Fight Alone While Waiting For Reinforcements Like The Inhabitants Of A Besieged City


Resist and win We don’t realize how necessary it is to associate with people who share the same desires as we do. If we are not a little careful in choosing our fellow travelers, we end up making other plans. Maintaining friendships necessarily involves sharing desires and aspirations. This is natural and helps to create a bond. That said, there…