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The Faults We See In Others Are Only There To Make Us Aware Of Our Own


It seems that we all have a radar ready to detect the faults of others. It’s a human tendency, perhaps we see the half-empty glass too often. Although this propensity to see the vices in others is strong, how can this help us to progress?

There are two ways of reacting to the defects we perceive in others. The first is simply to observe and then criticize, the second is to observe, observe and then correct. Our entourage offers us impressive study material. At every moment, it gives us the opportunity to re-examine ourselves: are we like this person? Have we denied any shortcomings because we didn’t want to see them? What can we do with these observations?

A dishonest person should question us about our own virtue. This forces us to observe ourselves from an external point of view, if we cultivate the right attitude. Of course, this approach is not shared by the majority who prefer to criticize without making the effort of introspection.

Thus, if we see a person who acts selfishly, that person may question us about our capacity to give, what do we do in our daily life to not resemble that person who pushes us away or even makes us feel unworthy?

This logic should be the same with regard to someone who seems to possess many or admirable qualities. Instead of being jealous of him or her or giving false excuses such as “he or she is like this because he or she was born in a more favourable context”, we should ask ourselves: how can I be like this person? What efforts has he or she made to become such a person?

Once we recognize these qualities and admit that they are the result of personal work and will, we too can integrate these qualities. The difference that separates us from that person and ourselves is only the time and effort we have put into improving ourselves. Once we develop such a state of mind, anything is possible. External success is necessarily the result of silent, daily victories. When we have sufficiently worked on the qualities of our heart or soul, we are able to achieve greater and more wonderful things.

Thus, it is necessary to maintain an observant but also introspective mind if we want to progress constantly. The human mind loves shortcuts or simplified thinking, but if we choose to see more than what is in front of us, only then will we be able to create deep and lasting change.

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