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Two Approaches To Leading One’s Life: Intention Or Strategy


Some of us are guided by values, others are primarily driven by goals, while others are governed by their emotions. Depending on whether we belong to one of these three categories, we operate differently in our daily lives. There are two possible approaches in which we are proactive (intentional or strategic). There would be a third in which we are reactive (emotional).

The choices we make lead us to a greater or lesser degree of success, both professionally and personally. The level of success sometimes depends on the vision we have and how we translate it into daily life.

The emotional approach

Although it may appear to be the most sincere, the emotional approach can lead us to make decisions that we may later regret. The emotional approach consists of reacting instantly and making choices based on one’s emotions. It is to be avoided since it leads us to be a victim of things that are transient and external elements.

The strategic approach

It invites us to foresee in advance the sequence of actions that a decision will produce. The strategy consists of considering several scenarios and anticipating the reactions of the people involved and the consequences on our lives. A strategic approach is intellectually driven, it is cold and it can be very effective in the long term.

The intentional apparoach

This approach is to be linked to the Buddhist view of life, namely that every action carries an intention and if this intention is “pure” (benevolent) it will result in long-term beneficial results for oneself and others. On the contrary, if the intention behind the action, although apparently well-intentioned, is in fact selfish or malicious, the consequences will be bad or even disastrous in the long run.

There are thus three different ways of acting, the highest being that organised around intention. Of course, it is not always possible to act according to this model, so we often oscillate between these three approaches. The most important thing is to act as much as possible according to an intentional approach, followed by a strategic approach and, as a last resort, an emotional approach.

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