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Intention is the true value of action

Action is only worthwhile if it ultimately produces a positive effect.

Positive is the look that sees beauty everywhere.

Everywhere you go, you have the choice to seek to improve a situation, to leave it unchanged or to degrade it.

Degraded are the thoughts that do not manage to generate a favorable outcome for oneself and for others.

Others bring us serenity when it is real

Everything that the mind first imagines is real

To imagine is to believe in your dreams

Dreams are only the extension of oneself

Wisdom is found in oneself, it is only necessary to draw from it

To draw from universal love is easy, as long as you go to the source

The source of pleasure is not as good as the source of self-surrender to the divine

The divine appears to us when we lose the notion of time

Nothing is more painful than a time that refuses to flow

Everything that can flow is part of a cycle

Not to see the cycle of things in the world around us is to miss the essential

What is essential is that without which we cannot live

There is more wisdom in a second of patience than in an eternity of frenzy

Frenzy is to do things without attention or consideration

It is only by showing consideration for life that we ourselves deserve to be honored

It is by listening to our fellow man that we truly honor him

There is nothing really ridiculous in wanting to please ourselves rather than others

Everything else is what we have not recognized as ourselves, either through ignorance or vanity

Vanity consists in loving others because they resemble us

There is nothing more pleasant than to resemble the one we were

It is only in the summer that we become aware of the fragility of the night

A night without sleep is like a love without rest

Rest lasts only for a time for the one who never stops living

To live is to believe in one’s own eternity

Eternity is neither more nor less than the sum of the silences that have preceded us

To precede is to succeed provided that one has an inverse reading of history

History begins where the trivial ends

Everything that ends has never really begun

To begin to return from a point A knowing that a point B is on the way

There is no worse path than the one we have resigned ourselves to take

Borrowing costs money, especially to the one who doesn’t have any

It is not by discovering that one believes, it is by believing that one discovers

The one who discovers too late the lessons of the life must at his expense reconsider the direction of his existence

A thousand vain existences are not worth one well lived

He who has loved and forgiven both his friend and his enemy has lived

The enemy creeps into the smallest details because of our inability to see life through the prism of beauty

Beauty is not about appearances but about bringing out the essence within

It is only by creating inside that we can manifest outside

The outside is only a clue on which we cannot build a theory

The theory is often used to confirm the practice

Everything that serves to express our human potential is practical

Is human everything that is not indifferent to the look of others

Others teach us to speak even when we don’t feel like it

Envy is delicious if and only if it is there to pursue virtue

Virtue is an animal that we must chase night and day, at the risk of letting it escape

It is useless to escape if one has not first found the keys to one’s mental prison

Everything that is mental has the merit to be looked at as long as these ideas are there to serve the heart, that is to say the nobility

The nobility is a class that has been replaced by the bourgeoisie, itself supplanted by the dictatorship of the crowd

The crowd forgets us if and only if we are part of it

The most interesting part of a chess game is at the beginning, even before a single pawn has moved, when we contemplate the field of possibilities and sketch the delights of a potential victory

Victory is only complete if it teaches us something. The unfortunate thing is that victory often teaches nothing except the intoxication it brings

There is no point in getting a weapon if our intention is never to use it even in case of danger

Danger consists in overestimating one’s capacities and pretending to be up to the challenge

The challenge of a life is to know what you like, where you are good, where you can make a difference and to try to devote yourself to it body and soul

The soul is useless if we don’t use it so that it permeates each of our actions by its presence

Presence is when our body, our heart and our mind are in the same place

A place only pleases us if it reminds us of an enchanting place lost in our childhood or in our dreams

Dreams are only there to tell the story you missed

It is better to miss your birth than to miss your death

Death exists only if you believe in it

Believing is not enough, you must also open your eyes

The eyes exist to show us what we refuse to hear

Hearing is useless if you don’t listen

There is no greater joy than to learn a new and beautiful way of looking at the world

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