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Beware Of The One Who Whispers In Your Ear


We are only as strong as the ideas that dominate us. The people around us can sometimes be a wall against the onslaught of a world that can be hostile, sometimes a Trojan horse that sabotages the efforts made without saying a word, out of sight for months.

This voice that we allow to intrude deep inside us can wreak havoc. It can sow doubt, discord, paralysis and even destruction. It is not good to listen to any speech, because they can emanate fear or ignorance and actively work to spread them.

Our eyes, ears and mouth are precious. We must use them sparingly, understanding that if we indulge in logorrhea or if we strain our ears or direct our gaze at everything, we risk losing sight of what is essential, what our being originally aspired to.

When doubt creeps in, we must know how to fight it by going deep inside ourselves. It is true that we can find help from friends, but their number must be counted on the fingers of one hand because it is risky to reveal our deepest fears to bad advisors. Often, we believe that we are surrounded by kind people, when in reality they can hide their envy, their malice, their desire for revenge under a friendly and harmless air. If you must confide in someone, make sure that he or she already has authority or credibility in the area in which he or she is advising you. In addition, his or her goodwill should be confirmed by past actions and the quality of the relationship you have created with him or her.

Of all the battles, it is often best to fight them alone with God. If you are a believer, it is best to dialogue with God through prayer. It is best to put light into our hearts and minds where doubt once dominated.

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