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Develop the warrior’s spirit and project it wherever you can.


There are qualities necessary to become a warrior according to Japanese tradition. The bushido (the way of the warrior) is composed of eight values necessary to form the martial character: righteousness (義, Gi, “rectitude”, “rigour”, the spirit of justice), heroic courage (勇, Yū), benevolence and compassion (仁, Jin, sometimes also translated as “greatness of soul” or “generosity”), respect (礼, Rei),…


We should feel close to every human being, the same way we feel close to a member of our community


Have you ever felt this warmth in your heart when you realize you’re talking to someone who is part of your community, someone whose background is the same as yours or your family’s? What is this warmth? Is it a tribalist pleasure or relief? Why can we develop such feeling with the whole humanity?  Maybe, from time immemorial, we have…


Your teacher is everywhere


It is said there are two types of people in this world: the one who is an example to follow, and one who is an example to avoid. People are a great source of teaching because everyone has a certain degree of qualities and flaws. A quality can be natural or acquired. Thus, someone can be naturally diligent or respectful, so it…

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