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Truth And Information: The Real Era In Which We Are Living


We are told to live in the information era. Is it really? There are more and more information available, free of charge and of top quality. Is information the real value?
Not necesarily, because we are overwhelmed by information, we cannot considerate as an asset any more. What really matters now is truth, which is a subproduct of information: information is a cheap raw material, instead, truth is a “manufactured” product that is the real value.

Information can mislead us, following truth implies following our own unity

Truth can be defined in many ways, depending on the philisophy we base our definition upon. We may here choose a more spiritual definition of truth : truth is when you feel totally unified with yourself (as with the Universe). Such a definition doesn’t imply the notion of information. To be one with oneself, you may just focus you attention inward: the deeper you dig into you self, the closer you get to your real nature. It’s a kind of paradox: to be closer to the outer world, you have to reach the inner parts of yourself.

Low information diet brings focus

To perform at any given field, one may have to give up on high information consumption. Ignoring what is not highly relevant to your work help you staying on track and acquiring the knwoledge that you only need. Indeed, we may sometimes fall into the trap of information consumption out of laziness. Reading can be an escape to real and massive action. Even if you have your own definition of truth, you may agree that everyone is looking for it even if only a small portion of the population is on the right track. Because of an excess of information available, we are distract from the real pathway of personal acheivement and we then loose ourself trying to follow the path of someone else. Because consumming to much information prevent us from spending time with ourselves, we eventually arrive at the point that we loose our deep inner connection and we try to find enjoyment instead of pursing wisdom.



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