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Do: The Way, Get Inspired By Japanese Philosophies


You may know judo, kendo, karate-do (full name of karate), meaning respectively the way of flexibility, the way of the sword, and the the way of the empty hand. So why such names? Basically, ancient Japanese thought saw life like a pathway that was unique for each person. This is partly due to the cast system shaped by Japanese feudality. It is also a result of a lot of inspiration originally from the Asian mainland: Buddhism from India (which can be stated as the way of liberalization) and Confucianism from China (which could be stated as the way of virtue).

Each member of Japanese society had his or her own place, associated often with an art or a job.

Why is this concept interesting for us contemporary humans?

Choosing your way implies focus, pratice and finally sacrifice: to excel at a particular art you need to give up on all others. Being a master implies achieving unity (body, mind and soul) through the dedication of a single art. Once, you become a master in something, you’re actually able to connect with your deep self, thus becoming a lighthouse for others.

Find your Do, find your purpose

While it’s getting more and more difficult to be focused in our current lives, because of its pace, the pace of changes, we need to think thoroughly of the importance of being aware of our own way. Maybe your way in this life, the one that will bring the most of satisfaction and sense of purpose, is being a fireman, a chef cook, a writer, a monk, a dancer, an entrepreneur, etc. You just need to feel it deep down. Once you have found your way, you will feel serenity and calm, almost a sense of eternity.

You need to create a set of skills that can be organized in a particular art or job. New jobs are invented everyday so tap into your passions and design the occupation that fits you the most, even if it doesn’t exist yet.

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