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Accept Lockdown


To live in confinement is to live like in a prison. We bubble like in a steam room, we ruminate our memories, we can hardly imagine a rosy future. Yet prison is sold as a lifesaver, why should it be suitable for delinquents and not for us, the common man?

Why do we – society – advocate a remedy that we ourselves are not prepared to ingest? Perhaps because we do not feel we have done wrong – and rightly so – and it seems unfair to us to endure the torments of a convict? Can we nevertheless enjoy the redemptive benefits of prison even though we are innocent?

The question is a complex one, all the more so because it is difficult to accept with resignation a measure that deprives us of our livelihood. Should we rebel? How can we make this a fruitful time?

Confinement and prison are life-saving in that they force us to take an introspective look. Both the bandit and the ordinary citizen must enter into themselves. One to take stock of his misdeeds, the other to reflect on the future and become a strategist, because yes, being confined can be the opportunity to reinvent ourselves and approach life with cold patience and reasoning worthy of the best chess players.

Time is long when one is forced to be confined, yet it is a time that can prove to be precious if one knows how to make good use of it. Typically, if you keep your calm and study your possibilities with strategy you will be able to become master of your destiny again. The word strategist comes from the Greek στρατηγία, strategía meaning commander. Thinking strategically means becoming your own master, but you must not fall into the trap of discouragement or haste.

The wait will be long, but it will benefit the most disciplined, those who are not unemployed and who finally do not consider confinement as a break in life but, on the contrary, a key moment to reinvent themselves and take everyone else’s course.

There are more ways of development in this period, here are some of them:
the acquisition of a skill
the acquisition of knowledge
the acquisition of an aptitude
creating family ties

This is the time to develop your inner dimension and your intimate sphere, as you will have understood. If you were a night bird, you will have to relearn how to rebuild your nest. It is a difficult period for extroverts only if they can limit their identity to this extroversion alone.

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