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What Did You Learn Today – Or How To Grow On Regular Basis?


We, as human beings, have a particular destiny, which is evolution. Our ancestors have striven on a difficult path and this has enabled us to live as we do today. But, do we follow our forebearers as sincerely as we should: Are we growing at the rate of our full potential?

On a large scale (?), we do: human population is getting bigger and bigger, some humans have discovered new ideas and these have been spread to the rest of the world. We learn from each other. Is all humanity following the way of progress? It’s not an obvious question: we may tend to say no when we look around us and contemplate what types of people surround us, we may know geniuses but also average and “underachieving” ones. But what makes someone progress?

There are different reasons to grow as a person but one is to actually want to better oneself. Then, there is a good habit of questioning what we learnt from each day. Asking such a question helps us to be aware of the new things we were able to gather from our day and above all to keep in mind the attitude toward growth: developing a growth mind-set instead of a fixed one.

Growing is a process which involves tapping into our natural inclination toward intellectual growth as this is an anthropological characteristic of our species. Nowadays, progress or growth isn’t a matter of survival (although it could be in some cases) but mainly a matter of happiness and satisfaction. Acquiring knowledge, skills and talents allows us to become happier because we are able to use these assets to have more of an impact on the world around us so that we can improve the lives of others.

Growth is simply the way towards happiness. Therefore, as happiness should be our final goal, we may need to simply embrace growth as our way of life. We could grow on different aspects of ourselves. These are some areas:

– physical

– emotional (intrapersonal / interpersonal)

– intellectual

– spiritual

– etc.

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