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Is Life About Living Or Producing?


Reconnecting with the pleasure of enjoying the present moment

What drives us to want to be productive all the time is ultimately a lack of discernment about what is truly essential in our lives. Without a sense of accomplishment in the day, we can wander around for hours trying to figure out what would desperately give us that feeling.

The Importance Of Defining A Concrete Outcome On A Daily Basis And Achieving It As Early In The Day As Possible

Waking up early and setting a goal to complete one or more important tasks by the end of the morning is both ambitious and realistic. Setting a time constraint imposes an intensity in the execution of the task. Morning energy is the best. We have all our willpower, silence and freshness. For those who are evening people and can’t get up early, you should do the important thing the night before for the next day. This way, when you get up, you will be free of the pressure to accomplish your goal.

When you have achieved this daily goal as soon as possible, your day will have a different flavor. You will have achieved a satisfaction that allows you to enjoy the present moment and not eventually rush to the next activity. Of course, for most of us, we can’t stop working at noon. Nevertheless, having achieved a small daily feat will allow you to approach other professional constraints with detachment and a form of gratitude.

Imagine That A Day Is A Lifetime

In the current employment model, we work for a good part of our lives, then when the time comes we retire to do whatever we like. We do our duty and then enjoy the right to retire. Why not take this image and apply it to everyday life?
If your day is over, you can enjoy all the beautiful things that come your way. When you are free of the weight of producing, you really do what you love and you actually learn better because your mind is more open.

In principle, if one has developed enough discipline to accomplish important things in the morning, it is unlikely that one will fall into the trap of developing bad habits in the afternoon or evening. Someone who is disciplined in the morning will have a hard time being undisciplined in the evening (see article).

Thus, to summarize, to live is a sensory experience intimately linked to the idea of pleasure, it is a verb that is conjugated in the present tense. Producing is an act that projects us towards a future result, it is necessarily an escape from the present moment, the place where everything happens.

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