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How to improve your information retention?

Do you read a lot or consume online educational content (interesting Youtube channels etc.)? You’ve been doing this for a while and you feel like you’re not retaining enough impressions? Here is a document that may help you.

Memory a precious asset

Memory is an essential quality. It is often the key to accessing notable professions (doctor, lawyer, ambassador, university professor, etc.). If of course it is less solicited today because we have a lot of tools to help us remember things, it is no less strategic. A good memory gives you an advantage over others in both your professional and personal life.

Memory = value

Imagine two computers or two smartphones. They both have the same characteristics in every respect except for 2 parameters: the memory storage capacity (the first one has twice the memory of the second one) and the writing speed of the memory of the first one is twice as fast as the second one. How does this affect the price? Well, the second device is priced 30 percent higher than the other. This is what you can expect if you improve your memory: you improve your value.

In this mindmap, you’ll learn:

  The 12 tips that make all the difference in retaining information:
  – Teach
  – Debate
  – Link to a story
  – […]
You’ll also get an explanation of why the tip works
  Ideas for putting it into practice.


This mind map saves you the 21 minutes of the video from which these lessons are taken:

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