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Is Excess Yang The Cause Of All Contemporary Ills?


According to Taoist thought, harmony proceeds from a subtle balance between the yin and yang forces, respectively the feminine and masculine energies. 

These are expressed in various ways: 

Yin refers to the unconscious, to the static, to the night, to curves, to the Moon, to calm, to slowness or even to softness, etc. Conversely, the yang concepts are the conscious, the mobile, the day, straight, sun, action, agitation or hardness. 

On a global scale, we are witnessing a resurgence of nationalist identities embodied by vigorous male leaders drawing from the glorious national past. This sudden polarization of masculinity in the representation of power is not unrelated to the increase in diplomatic tensions around the globe. 

How to explain this virilization of speeches? Y has there been a breeding ground for such events in an excessive and belligerent masculinity? 

We can say that globalized culture has been particularly deployed in recent decades around three artefacts: cinema, music and sport. Of course, we can question this selection, we could talk about trade, literature or technology. As far as technology and trade are concerned, I believe that these are above all two vehicles of culture and not a culture per se. Literature has certainly spread across the globe, but its importance is less than that of the other cultural events mentioned above. 

The cinema / music / sport triptych carries with it a deeply masculine dimension when one observes its manifestation objectively: an over-representation of violence . The most balanced manifestation of this triptych would to a certain extent be music: violence does not occupy such a central place in it , that is to say a form of crudity of language and an excessive sensuality of words can suggest the predominance of ‘a dominant male unconscious in this artistic genre. 

Note: It should be noted that over the past decade, video games and social networks have occupied a very special place in the hearts of young generations. It is a safe bet that the female dimension of social networks will have a lasting influence on the rebalancing yin / yang and that in fact, we will witness a reversal of this current male polarization. 

The imbalance between male and female forces leads to a degradation of the human condition and at the same time to its self-destruction. The years to come can be quite somber if no change in scale is undertaken. However, the recent confinement to which a large majority of people have been forced has allowed the reintroduction of yin value: interior, calm and family collaboration. 

To promote feminine power within societies and thus rebalance the energies (/ a fortiori harmony) in presence, it will be necessary to give more importance to the feminine manifestation of culture: poetry, literature, singing, music instrumental, painting, prayer, meditation, gardening, sharing of feelings, naturalistic sensitivity, etc. as well as its values ​​such as compassion or mutual aid.

Without this rebalancing of female and male forces, we can only witness an increase in violence and tensions at the global level.  

Women and men must cultivate feminine values ​​in their breasts if they want to live in peace with themselves and others. This is true on the scale of a nation and its relationships with others.

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