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What Can We Learn From The Life Of Edmond Dantès?

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The history of the Count of Montecristo begins first with that of a young sailor who disembarked in Marseille in 1815 to marry his bride. Unfortunately, he cannot achieve this design due to the various jealousies of which he is the subject and the claims of various rivals of which he was not even aware. He is unjustly imprisoned at the Château d’If off Marseille, where he will give birth to a new man. This one will elaborate during long years the plans of a revenge made partly possible with the providential help of a learned abbot who will become his pygmalion to him. 

What does this story tell us in this uncertain time? That revenge is always good? 

No, but that the vicissitudes of life can constitute a breeding ground favorable to the birth of a new being. Fallback periods can be taken advantage of for those who manage to make sense of it. Time is an egalitarian resource: it spoils the poor as well as the rich. The informed person is the one who manages to make the best possible use of this limited capital. The Count of Montecristo is an illustration of this virtuous use of time. Although Edmond Dantes appears both desperate and distraught at the time of his arrest and during the start of his imprisonment, his state of mind changes as soon as he meets Father Faria who brings him both hope and knowledge. 
Do the same, try to get closer to the spirits you want to be like whether through books or any other means. Keep hope even in the most difficult situations, these are there to warn you of the need to redouble your efforts in your search for a solution or in your professional improvement. The ideas that you germinate in your mind are treasures that you can discover and materialize afterwards. This is why it is important not to let yourself go to despair, seek the light like Edmond who will eventually escape from his jail while seizing a treasure. His success was only possible because he had changed his psychology and he was thus able to open every conceivable door, starting with that of his cell. Life gives us a thousand opportunities to reinvent ourselves. We are born with attributes in a socio-cultural context which may or may not be favorable. That said, the hardships that one encounters are as many chances to strengthen his character or to take off in order to become a person of greater stature. Be patient, change takes time, Edmond Dantes has taken 14 years to become the Count of Montecristo. Do not be afraid to see the days and years past if you are sure that what you build inside you is worth it. 

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