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What is racism?


There are at least two approaches when it comes to defining racism. The first one is believing in the existence of races within mankind, the second is believing the superiority of some races compared to others. Obviously, the second definition requires the acceptation of the first one. However, someone who believes in the existence of races doesn’t necessarily believe that some are superior…


Is It Rightful To Blame Religious Communitarianism?


The willingness of a group of people to secede from mainstream society is a phenomenon observable across five continents. Most often this withdrawal from the rest of society can be linked to religion, but not always. To list some examples, the secessionists could be Amish, Orthodox Jews, Salafists, or survivalists. Why is that? Mainly because they are in opposition with…


Selling your decency


A new lifestyle has emerged, the one of influencers. But what do they really influence? Are they aware of the negative consequences they are having on youth? Why is that so many young girls and boys just want to become famous and live without contributing to the world in a positive way? People are getting fooled, thinking that a life…


Trade your time for meaningfulness not for business


We are taught since a young age that we need to succeed in our life, this explains why we have become obsessed by success while forgetting what is really important. Gurus from any media insist on the pursuit of money which can lead to lasting happiness. That’s partly true, you need to have a certain degree of financial success to…