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What is racism?


There are at least two approaches when it comes to defining racism. The first one is believing in the existence of races within mankind, the second is believing the superiority of some races compared to others. Obviously, the second definition requires the acceptation of the first one. However, someone who believes in the existence of races doesn’t necessarily believe that some are superior…


MMA : really Mixed Martial Arts?

It seems we became exposed in the recent years to the least respectful behaviours and most abject conducts in a sport known as MMA. How is it possible to let this subject be called “artist”? Is there any relationship between an artistic painter and an MMA fighter? Actually, it should have a meaning, because indeed, martial arts are artistic. They…


What Is A Yellow Vest?

  He (or she) could be you and or me. They play within the rules but they realize that people who rule them don’t. A yellow vest is someone who doesn’t know exactly where he or she wants to go. However, a YV knows that he no longer wants to head for in the same direction. A YV is in…


Selling your decency


A new lifestyle has emerged, the one of influencers. But what do they really influence? Are they aware of the negative consequences they are having on youth? Why is that so many young girls and boys just want to become famous and live without contributing to the world in a positive way? People are getting fooled, thinking that a life…

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