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Will machines make nations disappear?


The robotisation and automation of the world’s economies is creating tensions between countries as each nation decides its own policy in this area. These choices induce better performance and widen inequalities in terms of prosperity for populations who may be either the “big winners” of globalisation or the “losers”. These seemingly head-on rivalries under the backdrop of geopolitical warfare may…


It is easier not to be free


Freedom of choice is a recent concept when we put its appearance and the scale of human history into perspective. Being free implies taking responsibility for the consequences and responsibility for one’s own choices, which is not convenient for everyone. It is much more comfortable to be guided by family or social injunctions rather than going against the tide. Indeed,…


Should we write with emojis?


Emotion seems to be what we lack most in writing, at least that’s what the younger generations think, who compensate by writing with smileys, emojis and other images. This need was born in Japan, where writing is essentially ideographic: the image is the text. In this sense, this need is not present in cultures that have developed around alphabetic writing.…


Is there an animal nobility?

From the age of bestiaries to the present day The Middle Ages is an interesting period in that it reflects the coexistence of different influences, both pagan and Christian. One of the manifestations of the persistence of pagan influences is the existence of bestiaries, which in themselves constitute historiographical if not at least cultural material. The bestiaries represented works listing…


Is anonymity the ultimate luxury?


In a world where attention and personal data are captured at every moment, it is worth reflecting on the new paradigms of scarcity. Thus, taking up the adage “what is rare is expensive”, at least in the figurative sense, it is reasonable to ask whether, in this hyper-connected world, anonymity should be seen as the paragon of luxury. Before answering…