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From Contradiction Comes Complexity 

Simplification is the work of geniuses or simpletons. What strikes me most in our time is the great tendency to simplify everything. Conspiracy theories are an attempt to simplify the causality of events, even when this often leads us further from the truth. The human mind struggles to grasp contradictions. Yet, it is from these contradictions that complexity and depth…


A Society Of Greed

According to Catholic doctrine, there are said to be 7 deadly sins: lust, spiritual sloth (acedia), anger, envy, gluttony, pride, and greed. Let’s focus on the latter. Why have our societies become so greedy? Why have more noble values been substituted for this one? Greed appears when God disappears Greed is the feeling of never having enough, of always wanting…


Ai Forces Us To Redefine Intelligence And Position Ourselves On Its Scale

Artificial intelligence defies human or so-called natural intelligence. Civilization is built on the very idea of intelligence: what we have been able to build over the centuries has been the continuity of the transmission of intelligence through language, whether oral or written, from generation to generation. Anthropocentrism (the idea that the world somehow revolves around man) is partly justified by…