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Humans And The Collapse Of Work


The Digital Monk We are witnessing the digitalization of professions. Not so long ago, it would have been inconceivable to take yoga classes online, or to follow an entire university course at a distance via the possibilities offered by the Internet. Beyond this phenomenon, there is of course a disappearance of professions that were previously thought to be safe. For…


Ai Forces Us To Redefine Intelligence And Position Ourselves On Its Scale

Artificial intelligence challenges human or so-called natural intelligence. Civilization is built on the very idea of intelligence: what we have been able to build over the centuries has been the continuity of the transmission of intelligence through language, whether oral or written, from generation to generation. Anthropocentrism (the idea that the world somehow revolves around man) is partly justified by…


A Civilization That Produces A Lot Of Knowledge But Little Wisdom Is Doomed To Extinction. Asimov

We are a civilization of information, data and knowledge, but what about wisdom? Wisdom is knowledge to which reflection and application have been applied. The Current Context Allows For Less Wisdom When we spend our day in front of a screen, we have less opportunity to apply what we learn to the real world. On the other hand, our attention…


The Economy Of Solitude

The world has never been so alone. People in so-called “developed” countries live in boxes and spend most of their time in front of screens to forget their loneliness. Loneliness is an evil that is eating away at society, yet it is also a tremendous opportunity for companies that have decided to monetize it. Your Solitude Has A Market Value…


Confidence Comes From Wisdom

There are 2 levels of trust: there’s trust based on nothingness, narcissism and ignorance, and there’s trust based on true knowledge expressed through action. Beware Of Ignorant Trust By definition, when you’re ignorant yourself, you can interpret people’s confidence as the mark of a profound knowledge of things and of life in general. We can therefore be fooled by appearances.…