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What Is Gratitude For?


In a society of affluence, the last thing we have access to is gratitude. How can we explain this paradox? Is it the fact of possessing that makes us hostage to our own possessions? Or is it that consumerist ideology is incompatible with gratitude because it induces satiety and calls into question the whole system? Gratitude is a central question…


A New Social Order Is Emerging


A new social hierarchy has slowly imposed itself without us being able to stop it. It is based on information, as the earth was for medieval societies. Billions of human beings produce information through the use of their various devices such as telephones and laptops. In themselves, they are the new peasants. Their productions are captured by big tech companies…


How To Live With Absence?


This cherished parent, gone without saying goodbye. This eternal love, which nevertheless goes away, leaving an emptiness that silence fills with gravity. This look that we will never meet again. Those sweet words of yesteryear whose echoes warm and chill us at the same time. These tender moments that we replay, like vestiges of a time now distant. This memory…


Confusing Word With Deed


Living in the illusion of accomplishment In a static world where we spend most of our time sitting in a comfortable chair, seat or armchair, whether working, telecommuting, commuting or shopping online, we seem to have forgotten what moving implies and how it relates to action. Our fingers tapping away at a computer keyboard or the silicon of our smartphones…