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3 keys to open all the doors of life

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To solve a problem, it is not uncommon to resort to the same type of solution. We often function like a mechanic with a single screwdriver to fix things: we want to patch something up with the only tool we think we have. With such an approach, it is not surprising that our efforts are ineffective. Imagine having to repair objects as different as a moped, an electric car or a radiator. If you only use one tool, you limit your ability to find an answer to a problem. But if you have a variety of tools at your disposal, you have the best chance of success. Let’s see what are the 3 tools that humans have at their disposal to solve all the problems that come their way.

Human nature can be described according to 3 dimensions: the heart, the intellect and the will. Each of these aspects corresponds to a particular key.

Truth (through effort), the key to the will

It is not uncommon that in order to overcome a difficulty, one must call upon the truth to find a happy ending to a situation. The truth is often obtained through an effort that involves going beyond appearances. Ultimately, it is through persistence or perseverance that many challenges are overcome. To work with the truth, one must give oneself the means to obtain this substantive marrow, which requires action and the will to give up nothing. This key consists in going in the same direction but in a more intense way like a jackhammer.

A tip to make it easier for you to use this key:

To develop your willpower, you can use different methods. Your willpower can be sharpened through sports or hard study, for example. It is by striving to overcome a difficulty in a regular way that you will be able to develop this quality. To do this, you might decide to choose something that seems a little complicated or difficult to achieve, until you reach the desired result. The more you do this repeatedly, the more you will increase your capacity for effort that can be used to solve a type of problem.

Love, the key to the heart

We live in an era where effort is put first, and there is often no lack of this resource. However, if we only use this tool in all situations, we can end up like that fly that bangs on the window of our room endlessly in the hope of getting out, without seeing that there is a favourable exit at the other end of the room.

Unfortunately, the heart is neglected today, we too often want to solve a problem by a trick of force. However, it is through the heart that many blockages in human relationships occur. When things get stuck, it is not uncommon that we fail to take a step back and distance ourselves. When you use love to solve a dilemma, you introduce oil that allows you to “grease” an invisible mechanism. A little love opens the door to the heart, and important life decisions are made through it.

To call upon your heart is to look at a problem from a little further away. When you look up, it is not uncommon to see a detail that jumps out at you where before it would have escaped your notice. The symbol of this key is the hot air balloon.

A tip to make this key easier for you to use:

It’s not easy to think with love, especially when you have someone in front of you who has done you wrong or disrespected you. However, there is always a way to see the positive when you think of someone, you just have to take the trouble to look closer and appreciate qualities that do not appear at first glance.

Wisdom, the key to the intellect

The mind is an essential dimension of the resolution of a blockage. Our society does not neglect this aspect of the human being, but sometimes people forget to use it to find a solution to their situation. To be wise is to consider a situation from different angles. It means using a tool to diagnose a situation, just as modern mechanics can do when they test a car with a device that gives them a detailed report of the vehicle’s condition.

A tip to make it easier for you to use this key:

Wisdom is developed through three things which are the accumulation of knowledge, the thinking associated with that knowledge, and experience, that is, putting that knowledge to the test of fire. Essentially, to develop your wisdom, you need to make sure that you work on one of these three components. You can do this by reading and then meditating on your readings. You could also walk in nature to reflect in a more detached way on the ideas you have encountered. Finally, you can put these ideas into practice and see what results you get. The more concepts you accumulate, the more you can use them to solve future problems.

To summarize:

There are 3 keys that allow you to open the doors to a problem. Very often, if you get stuck, it is because you have refused to use the other two keys which are still available to you.

  • These keys are called effort, love and wisdom.
  • They are symbolized respectively by the jackhammer, the balloon and the probe.
  • Each of these keys can be activated in different ways.
  • The key of willpower can be developed through the habit of overcoming obstacles such as diligent study or the practice of an endurance sport.
  • The key of love can be activated by thinking about the qualities of the people we deal with, even if we don’t like them at first
  • The key to wisdom is obtained through the accumulation of knowledge, the application of reflection to that knowledge and the application of that knowledge

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