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Take The Time To “Do Nothing” Every Day


Laziness or laziness is considered a sin in the Christian tradition. It is evaluated as such when inaction leads to negativity or pessimism. A truly active person cannot be truly active while being negative. This is why acedacy only applies to certain situations. For example, it is not laziness when it is in fact a life-saving rest which, among other things, allows our brain to go into diffusion mode. In this case it is actually work. So be aware of working differently, because this will allow you to work better and deeper most of the time. A mental work, to be complete, it must be both conscious and unconscious at the same time. If you only work consciously, you don’t exploit your full potential, it’s like pedalling with one leg. That is why, to work optimally, you need to know which activities will serve your brain to work in diffusion mode. There are actually many, the first one is sleeping, then there is a range of different activities such as meditation, sports, playing, reading etc. You need to feel like you’re not really making an effort. There must also be a feeling of pleasure for this brain work to be optimal. So it is not really “doing nothing”, but doing what is sometimes described as idle, let alone lazy, activities.

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